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"A water source north of Colseit."
— Area description

Abandoned River is a location in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.


The Abandoned River is located to the east of the Old Highway. It serves as the water source for the frontier village at the Withering Plains.


Escha and Logy are dispatched to the Abandoned River in Term 4 to investigate the reason behind the water shortage in the Withering Plains' frontier village. During their investigation they encounter and engage the Rampage Beast.

In Term 5, the team returns to the Abandoned River to retake the Homunculus Village from a group of monsters.


Upland Riverbed Old Ponds River Gorge Still Creek
Forest River Source River Waterfall Homunculus Village


Gatherable Items
Ultramarine Soil Lotus Bubbling Water Pale Clay
Living Clay Sugar Tree Sap Milch Bean Lady's Whiskers
Golden Yarn Antique Moss ...ETC


Yellow Element Howling Beast Blue Spirit Flesh Eater
Rampage Beast Flounder


Term Assignment Description Requirements
4 W. Source Research Investigate the water source! Head to the Abandoned River and seed out the cause of the village's water woes.
4 River Waterfall Investigate the River Waterfall. Slay monsters and learn about fighting in this area. Slay a Yellow Element at Abandoned River (River Waterfall).
4 Disassemble Fireball Disassemble a Lava Cube. Disassembling relics can give you new recipes and other information. Disassemble a Lava Cube. The Lava Cube relic can be found using Relic Discovery at the Abandoned River.
4 Creatures of the Deep Slay the Flounder! This fiendish monster was spotted in the deepest reaches of the Abandoned River. Slay the Flounder at the Abandoned River (River Waterfall).
4 Clean Water Source Slay monsters at the Abandoned River! A request has been made to gather intel about the beasts there. Slay a Yellow Element, a Howl Beast, and a Azure Spirit.
4 3 Water Sources Check materials at the water source! A request has been made for you to see what materials are there. Check Lotus, Lady Whiskers, and Bubbling Water at the Abandoned River.
5 Take Back the Village Retake the Homunculus Village! The tiny village deep within the River Source has been overrun by monsters. Slay all the monsters at Abandoned River (Homunculus Village).


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