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Adelbert Hocker is a character appearing in Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad.

Adelbert is an adventurer skilled with swords. However, Adelbert is very unlucky and is known as "The Warrior of the Star of Misfortune (不幸の星の戦士,Fukō no hoshi no senshi)"[2]. Misfortune and bad luck seems to follow him wherever he goes.

Despite his terrible luck, he maintains a cheerful personality. His dream is to find the star of happiness[3] in order to help turn his luck around.


Adelbert can be recruited fairly early on in the game for a fee of 150. He is a very capable swordsman and is capable of equipping swords, gloves, shields and both light and heavy armor.[4] However, having him in the party brings the party bad luck (such as dealing with frequent bad weather and possible bandit attacks while traveling).[5][6] If the player preserves, however, and keeps Adelbert in the party to level him up, he can become the strongest adventurer in the game.[7]


Skill Level Learned LP Usage MP Consumption Skill Description

Sword of Rain Clouds

Starting level. 20 Must have a sword equipped. Lightning based attack. 
Good Luck Starting level. Increases luck.
Stand Play Starting level. Becomes a decoy to monsters.


20 4 Sword only skill. Damages a horizontal row of enemies.


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