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"An enormous humanoid beast enshrined in the earth's depths."
Atelier Escha & Logy description

The Ancient Beast King is an optional boss battle in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and a storyline boss in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea. His appearance is of that of a massive, five-tailed wolf beastman with red fur dressed in regal armor such as its large "Collar".

Role in Atelier Escha and Logy[]

In Escha & Logy, he makes his first appearance as an optional DLC boss in the The Palace Depths dungeon. He sits on his throne waiting as Escha, Logy and the others enter the throne room after previously beating the three guardians of the palace. Though he has much less HP than Panzer, he makes up for it with a set of various skills that causes knockback and twice-in-a-row attacks. Moreover, whenever someone is KO'd he heals himself and there are different field effects that activate to his advantage. The player's rewards for finally beating him are 10,000 EXP and Cole, Famed Mythic W x2 and Famed Mythic C x2.

Role in Atelier Shallie[]

In Shallie, Shallistera, Lotte, and Keithgriff are about to reach the restricted area of Geofront when the Ancient Beast King appears before them and blocks the entrance. He asks via telepathy why they've entered their world and are disturbing their lives. He goes on to explain that his kind were born and lived in the city since ancient times. After the humans who started living there died, they took over. He says that they appear to be descendants of the humans who drowned in their own knowledge and tells them that only his kind can use the ruins. He goes on to ask if they came to live along side them or if they intend to repeat history and bring conflict once more like the alchemists from long ago, making the group realize that he planning on taking them on in a fight. The story will continue either way, but a different scene will trigger depending on the outcome of the fight.

If the group loses, they'll faint before the Beast King as he looks down on them and simply turns away. Before leaving, he mentions that their civilization-based borrowed knowledge such as Alchemy reminds him of his people's past failures and says he'll see the downfall of their civilization as well before leaving them confused as to why he didn't finish them off. After regaining consciousness, they ponder what the beast king meant by “the downfall of their civilization”. Keithgriff mentions that his race probably lacks the strength to rebuild a civilization and that his people simply live in the darkness, waiting for the end.

If the group wins, the Beast King's body disappears as Stera questions what exactly was he. Keithgriff then reveals that his kind are “Beastmen” and that they live in underground cities around the world. He goes on to say that thanks to an certain alchemic item Stera has, his theory on them has developed an unexpected direction. He goes on to say that there are several gaps in the history of current human civilizations and it was a mystery until just now that Beastmen were what filled the gaps. This makes Stera realize that her talisman was originally made to communicate with them as Keithgriff adds that they're aren't many Beastmen left in the world.

Battle Tips[]

When it comes to fighting him, your Wait Time (WT) is everything. His moveset revolves around causing Knockback. He shuts down healing, reviving, and stat boosting effects with the Circle of Sanctuary when someone gets KO'd, and even takes a huge chunk of the Support Gauge away with Eternal Damnation. When he reaches 25% health and below and you haven't taken him out yet before him or his timed skills hit, prepare for a serious uphill battle.


  • Due to his level of difficulty and wide range of skills, the Ancient Beast King is noted among fans as being one of the most powerful bosses in the Atelier series to date.
  • Because of his popularity with fans in Escha and Logy, the Ancient Beast King makes a reappearance in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.



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