Anna Lemouri
Anna Lemouri
Japanese アンナ・レムリ
(Anna Remuri)
Anna Laemmle
Birthday August 8th
Age 12
Height 140 cm (4 '​7 '​ '​)
Weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Weapon Long sword
Appearances Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
Voice Ui Miyazaki (Japanese)
Danielle Judovits (English)

Anna Lemouri is a playable character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-RevisShe is Vayne's underclassman, differing 4 years in age. She came from the East to learn alchemy in Al-Revis Academy and she is skilled with a long sword. 

Anna is very kind and very hard-working. Perhaps because of her age, her extend of imagination is worrying, to the point she became paranoid and slashed anyone daring enough to approach her. She is very polite, caring and is acting as the strict mother of the group, complaining whenever the workshop gets dirty. She also scolds Nikki when she scratches her claw on the wood. 


Anna first appeared in Chapter 4, right after Vayne became a Sophomore. Flay spied on her and he then later forcefully takes her in to the workshop. Having no more choice, Anna joins the party and the workshop.

Character QuestEdit

Her Character Quest begins when she immediately becomes paranoid and later apprehended anyone trying to approach her. As she managed to knock Flay unconscious, Vayne entered a hot pursuit aganist her to prevent her wounding the whole school. He managed to back her into a corner, and then with some talking, he finally convinces Anna that no one is intending to hurt her.


Anna is a very accomplished swordswoman, carrying and utilizing a katana far longer than her own body. She is a naturally blessed character, with a very balanced growth in HP and SP cap. She is a very adept character with high speed, and is the third best physical attacker aside from Vayne and Flay. Her set of skills have a quite large range, however as player completes her Growth Book, Anna becomes a single enemy oriented attacker. Her attribute is Zombie Striker, making her very useful in areas such as Old Schoolhouse - Closed Area or Bone Grove - Heaven's Road.

In BattleEdit

Anna is an overall balanced character, however she is very fast, making her advantageous at the start of battle. Her battle style resembles Fee's style from Atelier Iris 2, utilizing her speed to attack enemy. She is also very advantageous character because she can raise the resistance of the party member against three elements (fire, ice, and thunder), making her a very valuable asset in fighting the Chapter 9 Boss, Chimera. As a side boss battle, Anna also possesses a resistance to poison.

Her Finishing Burst is Centiflora-X, joining powers with Faustus, Mana of Illusion and attacks enemy in a rapid succession. It targets a single enemy, and the primary attribute is Physical. It hits for x6 HIT.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Name MP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Ready at Will None Physical Backstab the enemy. Able to take another action. ATK Support None Single Enemy x1 HIT
Flurry Rush None None Guard attack for ally. Take another action. DEF Support None Self Only
S-type Quick Dream 36 MP Physical A single quick strike ATK Skill Chance to gain extra turn, chance lowers after each action. Single Enemy x1 HIT
S-type Shadow Chase 93 MP Physical Deal medium damage by ripping through space. ATK Skill Instant Kill is easier if enemy HP is low. Row(S) x2 HIT
S-type Slash Wave 28 MP Physical Deal damage with the blade's shockwave. ATK Skill None Range(S) x1 HIT
Dimension Slice W 51 MP None Lowers damage by Fire, Ice and Thunder for a while. SUP Skill None All Allies
Blade Flow W 45 MP Physical Can't be attacked on prep, deal damage on active turn. Double-up skill, card gauge select skill. ATK Skill Single Enemy x1 HIT
Side Seal Chaos 25 MP Physical Doubles appear from a crack in the dimension, and deals damage. ATK Skill None Single Enemy x4 HIT
Helm Bash Chaos 51 MP Physical Chain attack with doubles deal medium damage. ATK Skill None Single Enemy x8 HIT
Dancing Blade Chaos 130 MP Physical An attack of fearful speed by the doubles deal great amount of damage. ATK Skill None Single Enemy x10 HIT


  • Anna is possibly the youngest cast of the game, discounting Muppy.
  • One of her weapons, Azoth Z, is a clear reference to Azure Azoth, Felt's weapon in Atelier Iris 2. Also, Pellucian, her second-tier ultimate weapon, has the name 'Guan Yu' in the description, further implying her background as a citizen of the East.
  • Anna, aside being the youngest, is also the shortest character among the cast, standing at 4'7".
  • Curiously, Anna also shares her voice over actor with Renee, one of antagonists of the game.
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