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Ash F. Alberstein is a character appearing in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

Ash is a talented young man who is one of the highest ranking Raiders in the entire world, and he is even regarded to some as the strongest man in the world. His strength has enabled him to achieve all of his goals, but he has now grown bored.

His only purpose now is to find something that will ease his boredom. Even after exploring the Alterworlds, Ash doesn't seem to be appeased. Because most Raiders don't come close to his skill level, he isn't even able to challenge anybody to a fair match. He is actively searching for a person who could give him a fair fight.

He can appear to be a somewhat cold person who doesn't seem to desire the company of others. He has no known friends or family, and considers himself a lone wolf. He travels alone as he tries to unravel the mysteries behind the Escalario.



In Chapter 5 of the story after the party defeats the Stone Emperor Ash shows up and asks the party how much do they know about the Escalario. The party tells them that they only know that it can grant wishes. Ash's mumbles to himself saying that the fate of the world lies in the hands of them. He then demands that Party give him the Escalario. The party refuses and a battle initiates. Ash easily defeats the party with no effort (As the battle is unwinnable). When the battle ends Ash points his sword at Edge and threatens to kill him if Iris doesn't give up the Escalario. Iris awakens her power as an alchemist and blows Ash back away from Edge. Crowley steps in and tells Ash that only Iris can use the Escalario. Ash withdraws his swords and tells the party that he will be back for the Escalario and Iris.

Later in Chapter 9. Ash sends a message to the party telling them to meet him in Posporia. Ash is found standing before the last gem of the Escalario before the party shows up. He asks the party if they have figured out the true purpose of the Escalario. They party doesn't answer. Another boss battle initiates. Ash tells Edge that he doesn't even know what Iris and the Escalario are for. Edge responds back saying that Iris's fate hangs in the balance. Ash retorts asking Edge what will he do when fate and his desires clash. Nell asks what does he mean by that. But Ash stops talking and the battle begins. When the first round ends Ash gets up saying that he will no longer play around with the party. He reveals his swords true form which are the Azoth. After the battle ends. Ash tells the party the truth about the Escalario and Iris telling them that they're the only hope in saving the world.

In the final chapter of the game the party is attacked by a stone emperor type monster. They are overwhelmed by the monster. Before the monster strikes a fatal blow Ash steps in challenges the monster on his own, telling the party to go on ahead. In the ending of the True Ending of the game Ash and Edge cross paths but do not say a word to each other before going their seperate ways.

The Battle[]

In Chapter 5 Ash challenges the party right after they defeat the Stone Emperor. The player shouldn't try to defeat him as his HP is infinite in this battle.

In Chapter 9 Ash is fought twice.

In the first round he'll use the same attacks that used back in Chapter 5 on the party. The player should do there best not to waste too many resources on this fight.

In the 2nd round Ash reveals his swords true form. The Azoth. His attacks are far more lethal. While most of them are stronger versions of his previous attacks. He has 3 brand new attacks he'll use when his HP is around 25% or lower. The first one cast haste on himself giving him 3 extra turns. He'll then cycle through his normal attacks on the first 2 turns. On the 3rd turn he'll will use a move called "Master Shift" taunting the party declaring that he will show them the true power of the Azoth. The Azoths multiply and rotate around him like a shield. Any physical type attacks will be completely blocked during this time. Magic attacks and weapons with a blessing trait on them will still be effective. However, the player should use this time to heal and defend against Ash's incoming attack. When his turn rolls around again if he is not defeated Ash will use Destrutoblade which targets 1 party member and hits him or her multiple times physically. This move can be blocked if you possess the block ability on your equipment and this move can be completely avoided randomly by Edge if he using the Plua Blades and has unlocked the Phantom Shift ability.


  • Ash's swords are called the Azoth. They do not look like the ones from Atelier Iris 2 however. Whether his swords are the same Azoth from Atelier Iris 2 is not known.
  • Most of Ash's attacks are similar to the final battle with Palaxius in Atelier Iris 2.
  • Ash is fought again in Mana Khemia via the secret dungeon along with dark versions of other bosses from Atelier Iris 3. However his Master Shift move gives him a permanent buff to make him immune to all Physical type damage. This can only be erased by Pamela's Seeker move.
  • During the 2nd battle with Ash in Chapter 9 the game's main theme (schwarzweiss ~Kiri no mukou ni tsunagaru sekai~ ) plays as the battle theme. This is also played again when you meet him in chapter 10.