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Assignments are the way to progress the game in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland and Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland.

There are a total of 12 assignments. Rorona must complete all assignment given by the kingdom in order to save the workshop from being closed. Assignment are given every three months and are reported to Sterk except for one assignment and certain conditions.

The results are automatically announced on the last day of the term. The player will be immediately sent to the palace, regardless of what they were doing at the moment. If the minimum requirements of the assignment aren't fulfilled, the request will be considered a failure. Only the first assignment can be failed with no consequences; failing to complete any of the other assignments will result in the atelier being shut down (game over).

Assignments overview[]

Number Name (original) Name (Plus) Request Due date
1 Producing Sundries Polish Powder, Zettel, and Alchemy Coal. Year 1, 3/30
2 Creating Explosives Bomb, Barrel, and Cannon. Year 1, 6/30
3 Replicating Ancient Tool Witch Salve, Beast Statue, and Healing Aroma. Year 1, 9/30
4 Preparing for Annual Festival Catering for a Royal Festival [Food] Category Items. Year 1, 12/20
5 Turn in Items to Flourish the Land Medicine for a Verdant Land Tonic. Year 2, 3/30
6 Defeat Monsters in Nearby Forest Deal With Forest Monsters Kill Vultures in Nearby Forest. Year 2, 6/30
7 Turn in Items to Beat the Heat Help Beat the Heat Bomb Ice / Ice Bomb and Spring Cup. Year 2, 9/30
8 Turn in Items to Pep Up the Festival Prepare for the Festival Cannons and Barrels. Year 2, 12/20
9 Turn in Tools Made with Underground Sources Subterranean Resource Use Komet and Arland Crystal. Year 3, 3/30
10 Find Rare Plants In Night's Domain Gather Rare Plants Shadow Grass, Dark Coral, and Midnight Flower. Year 3, 6/30
11 Make a Bunch of Sundries [Sundry] Category Items Year 3, 9/30
12 Synthesize the Best Item Any Synthesis/Consumables Item Year 3, 12/30

Optional requests[]

In Atelier Rorona Plus, optional requests are added as part of the assignment. They include tasks such as synthesizing certain items with specific effects, reaching certain level or defeating some boss. These requests have no effect on the evaluation of the assignment, but completing them grant various rewards.

They change with each assignment, so they have to be completed before the term ends.

When a request is completed, the player will receive a number of Vouchers and a stamp. Vouchers can be exchanged for certain items from Esty, while stamps are placed on a 3x3 "bingo board". When a line is filled in the board, the player will receive a bonus. These bonus include stat boosts for Rorona, alchemy books, money, equipment, etc. The central stamp will only be received by completing the main assignment (anytime it reaches 3 big stars).