The main quest of the game. Rorona must complete all assignment given by the kingdom in order to save the workshop from being closed. Assignment are given every three months and are reported to Sterk except for one assignment and certain conditions.

Only the first assignment can be failed; failing to complete any of the other assignment will result in a game over.

Assignment Request Due Date
Producing Sundries Polish Powder, Zettel, and Alchemy Coal Year 1, 3/30
Creating Explosives Bomb, Barrel, and Cannon Year 1, 6/30
Replicating Ancient Tools Witch's Salve, Beast Statue, and Healing Aroma. Year 1, 9/30
Preparing for Annual Festival [Food] Category Items Year 1, 12/20
Turn in Items to Flourish the Land Tonic Year 2, 3/30
Defeat Monsters in Nearby Forest Kill Vultures in Nearby Forest Year 2, 6/30
Turn in Items to Beat the Heat Bomb Ice and Spring Cup. Year 2, 9/30
Turn in Items to Pep Up the Festival Cannons and Barrels. Year 2, 12/20
Turn in Tools Made with Underground Sources Komet and Arland Crystal. Year 3, 3/30
Find Rare Plants In Night's Domain Shadow Grass, Dark Coral, and Midnight Flower. Year 3, 6/30
Make a Bunch of Sundries [Sundry] Category Items Year 3, 9/30
Synthesize the Best Item Any Synthesis/Consumables Item Year 3, 12/30
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