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Atelier Iris Eternal Mana 2 Original Comic: Chronicles of the Cataclysm of Eden (イリスのアトリエ エターナルマナ2 オリジナルコミック エデンの激動編, Irisu no Atorie Etānaru Mana 2: Orijinaru Komikku: Eden no Gekidou Hen) was a short comic produced based on Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny, released in Japan in 2005 one day after the release of the game in Japan. It was published by EnterBrain inc and authored by Yuuki Hitaka (飛鷹ゆうき、Hitaka Yuuki).

It was included for free in the May 27th 2005 edition of the Famitsu PS2 magazine as part of a deluxe article on Atelier Iris 2 (the cover of that edition also prominently featuring the game). It was not reprinted under any other branding nor saw any digitised release, and as such physical copies are scarce. However, a fanmade scan and translation does exist.

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The novel starts with Felt and Viese talking by the Belkhyde Gate. Shortly after, A thunderous earthquake hits Eden, causing a massive crevasse to form dangerously close to the duo. After gathering their bearings, Viese is given the Share rings and Felt takes to Belkhyde with the Azoth, arriving in the desert and passing out.

Viese collapses and falls unconscious at the same time as Felt, before being taken care of by Kreuz and the other citizens of Eden. She then realises that she can use the rings to share items with Felt.

Felt is saved by Noin who brings him to Tatalia Village, where Chaos has rounded up and captured the children of the townspeople. A battle between Chaos and Max, alongside Noin starts. After Chaos is forced to retreat during a sandstorm, the narrative cuts back to Viese who has received a letter from felt, before ending.


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