Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze (マリー、エリー&アニスのアトリエ 〜そよ風からの伝言〜 Marī, Erī & Anisu no Atorie ~Soyokaze kara no Dengon~) is a role-playing video game developed by the Japanese game developer Gust and Banpresto for the Gameboy Advance. The game is only available in Japan.


The two alchemists Marlone (most commonly refered to as "Marie") and Elfir "Elie" Traum run a workshop together on the Artisan's Way in the city of Salburg. It's not a big business, but their reputation is steadily going up. One day, their past teacher Ingrid requests them to write books for the new library that is being built. The library will be finished in 5 years, so they are requested to write at least one book every year during that time.

During the years, Marie and Elie are introduced to Anis Ryftchen, a young alchemist studying to become a teacher. While Anis initially seems cheerful, it's soon revealed that she is overworking herself. Anis is struggling to keep up with both her work at the academy and her vision to write books for her school back in the Southern Country. Marie and Elie offers to help her, but this is ultimately up to the player to choose.

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  • Science Type (学術系): Salburg grows equal to Kentonis as an academic city.
  • Military Type (軍事系): Salburg grown into a strong military power through alchemy.
  • Livelihood Type(生活系): The people of Salburg came to be able to live more convenient lives than any other city, like leaving housework to living items.
  • Fantastic Idea Type(奇想天外系): Salburg develops a strange culture beyond imagination.
  • 語り継がれるもの: Marie and Elie's book are read by so many people that the cover has been torn to the point where the title can no longer be read. However, both the book itself and its authors are known by everyone.
  • The Pair's Hero Military History(ふたりの英雄戦記): Marie and Elie keep running their workshop forever, but they also defeat evil everywhere and become legendary.
  • Wandering(さすらい): Marie and Elie leaves Salburg and re-realize that there are many people in need of alchemy. They start travelling from town to town.
  • Forbidden Knowledge(禁断の知識): Marie and Elie close the workshop and disappear. It's rumored by the people that they went to the demon world, desiring forbidden knowledge.
  • The Pair's Atelier(ふたりのアトリエ): Marie and Elie continued running the workshop for all eternity. Their fame reaches faraway foreign countries and their workshop becomes a landmark of Salburg.
  • To the Southern Lands(南の地へ): Marie and Elie feel like they are no longer necessary to Salburg and leave for the Southern Country where they promise to help develop the country's academy together with Anis. It's note worthy that the protagonist of Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3, Lilie, appear in the visual for this ending.
  • Bad End 1(バッドエンド1): Marie and Elie do not finish their books in time for the new library's completion. Hermina and Ingrid lock the two inside a room until they finish their book. It's hinted that Marie and Elie stayed locked inside the room forever.
  • Bad End 2 (バッドエンド2):

Gameplay Edit

The main goal of the game is to create new items and recipes for several books over five years. The events and outcome of the game will differ depending on the content created for the books.

Like in Marie & Elie: Two People's Atelier, the player can switch between playing as Marie or Elie, and later Anis. The player can let the two work independently from each other, performing different actions simulateneously, or let them co-operate. However, only two protagonists can be active at the same time.

Normal synthesis is simplified compared to the mainline Atelier-games succeeding Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg. Item quality and effects cannot be modified. However, the game features a new to the series "Image Mixing" system. This system is used to alter existing recipes to create new items that can be featured in books or used as ordinary items. The "synthesize together" command has been carried over from Marie & Elie and can be used already at the start of the game.

While synthesis can only be performed at the workshop, the player can visit a big variety of cities and locations to gather materials, hire adventurers, listen to rumors and interact with townspeople.

Combat is turn-based and the player can use commands such as Attack, Item, Run, etc. Every character has their own unique special move that startes off as being fully charged, but after using it several turns will be needed for the special move to recharge and become available again.


Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis features a large cast mostly made up by returning characters.

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  • There is a special chapter of the Atelier Marie and Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist manga that is based on the game.


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