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Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy (Japanese:ライザのアトリエ2 ~失われた伝承と秘密の妖精~, Raiza no Atorie 2: Ushinawareta Denshō to Himitsu no Yōsei) is the 22nd main entry in the Atelier series, that serves as the second entry in the Atelier Ryza/Secret sub-series of games.

This is a direct sequel to Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, set three years after. Continuing from the last game, the recurring theme of the game is Summer Memories[1] .

While it adapts the gameplay from the previous Ryza installment, the game features the titular character having new profound and extended abilities such as swimming, climbing, grappling hooks on trees, lightning, and riding monsters, as well as sliding and crawling through dungeons and areas.

The game was released in Japan on December 3, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch, and on January 26, 2021 for Windows. The game then released in North America on January 26, 2021 and in Europe on January 29, 2021 for all systems.

A sequel to this game, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key, was released on February 24th, 2023.


The game is set 3 years after the events of Atelier Ryza. Ryza has continued to study alchemy on Kurken Island, and has become a teacher to the island's children. But she's begun to feel her alchemy skills have hit a limit. Events prompt her to travel to the capital city of Ashra-am Baird, where she not only reunites with her old friends Klaudia, Lent and Tao, but also encounters a mysterious fairy-like creature named Fi...



The game will introduce a new synthesis tool aside from the existing roster (Staff, Scythe, Axe, Fishing Rod, Bomb Rod, Hammer), the Emerald Band, which allows the player to search and explore dungeons with in contemporary ways.

The most prominent new action is the ability to profoundly interact with the water in the game. Synthesizing Air Drops also returns to the game, as Ryza will be able to get to explore water surfaces and go underwater to find various materials, or even discover new dungeons. The development team emphasized that the characters will now be able to have "wet appearances" art style.[2]


The "Linkage Synthesis" system from the previous installment has evolved with greater depth, enabling players to simply fill the Material Loops with the required ingredients to create everything from weapons and tools to medicine.

The newly introduced "Essence" feature now allows players to alter the elemental trait of an item during synthesis, and by altering the essence of a Material Loop the final item can take on brand-new qualities.[3]


Playable Characters[]

After her great adventure from the previous installment, Ryza is the only one from her group that remain in the island for three years. She also becomes a teacher to the children of her town, but she feels like her alchemy skills has seemed to become rusty and so she ventures out to the Mainland's Capital city of Ashra-am Baird.
The only daughter of Lubart Valentz, who seems to have now grown and become independent. She is currently stationed and entrusted with work on the Royal Capital and is busy more than ever, but she never forgot the irreplaceable memories she got from her adventures with Ryza and her friends.
Over the past three years, he went on journey to train as a proper warrior, further expanding his ambitions and goals. However, Lent appears to be troubled and his cheerful attitude from the past is gone. What happened during his journey?
As mentioned briefly from the previous game, Tao and Bos Brunnen studies abroad to Asha-am Baird to gain more knowledge and to become a great scholar. He received a huge growth spurt from his puberty as well as looked more mature, and courageous, than what he was.
Also known as Patty, she is the daughter of a wealthy resident of Ashra-am Baird. Patricia is a young girl who seeks freedom from her privileged lifestyle. She has learnt how to master a sword thanks to her father, who was previously a knight. Patricia is also under Tao's tutorship, thus two shares a close bond.
He is a mysterious guy who cloaks himself with sophisticated clothing. He self-proclaims he is a treasure hunter, though in reality he is widely known as a thief, and has a lot of criminal records as evidence. His extravagant behavior certainly makes him stand out, but he also has a diligent and sincere side to him. Clifford has come to explore the ruins near the city for a certain item.
A member of the Oren race (just like Lila Decyrus), who is travelling around on a mission to collect the seeds of various plants for a certain objective. She joins Ryza and her group to accompany them to the ruins. She seems a bit distant to Ryza more than anyone on the group for unknown reasons...

Non-Playable Characters[]

A mysterious, fairy-like creature Ryza encounters on her travels. They become very attached to Ryza, and follow her everywhere. Though they cannot speak human language, Fi can be easily read by their reactions and emotions. Fi wears the star-shaped necklace that Ryza wore in the first game.
A childhood friend of Ryza, Tao and Lent, who initially antagonizes them but resolved their affairs and become good friends once more in the previous game. He makes his way to the capital, with the help of Tao, thoroughly studying so he can live up with his Brunnen family name with good intention. Bos still speaks with a sharp tongue to his friends though.
Still travelling around the world to resolve and seal all the gates with Lila, Empel meets Ryza once again to tell her the impending danger that she has to face..
Lila travels with Empel to finish the goal they had started. After learning a knowledge that can change everything that they thought they knew, both had to reunite with Ryza and discover the truth.
Appearing briefly at the start of the game; Moritz tasks Ryza with an important "item" that sets up the core plot of the game.
 Volker Abelheim
Patricia's father, who has worked his way up into high society of noble ranks in the Royal Capital by formerly leading as a knight of the kingdom. He practices strict discipline for the Abelheim name and as an aristocrat himself. He even exhibits his severity during his daughter’s training. Ryza rents a room from him to use as an Atelier during her stay in Ashra-am Baird.
A sole waitress of the café that can be found in Erster Central District. She also manages the request bulletin board found there.
 Dennis Holland
Ryza2 Dennis
This game's blacksmith, found in the Rauch Artisan District. It is said that he is a renowned black-and-gold-smith, as well as in weapon processing. Dennis is a friendly man, but when focused at work, his level of concentration topples up and can't even hear anything around him.
A former traveler who often travels to Kurken Island and one of Ryza's acquaintance from the previous game. Romy proceeds to step down being a peddler and got a store and sell goods in the royal capital, Ashra-am Baird.
Cassandra, as a farmer, lives in the Kalres Farming District land in Ashra-am Baird along with her four sisters. She worries about the future of farming in the area.


Downloadable Content (DLC)[]

Name Release date Type Cost Contents
Early Purchase Bonus Summer Fashion Set Japan December 03, 2020
America January 26, 2021
Europe TBA
Costume Free
(May be purchased on later date with price)
Summer Fashion Costumes for playable characters if the game is purchased during its first 2 weeks of release.
Atelier Ryza Save Data Bonus Classic Costume Set Japan December 03, 2020
America January 26, 2021
Europe TBA
Costume Free The original costumes worn from the first game can be unlocked by having the save data found in the same console. (PS4, Switch and Steam version only)


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  • This marks the first Atelier game of the main series to use the same titular character as main protagonist on the course of two games.
  • Atelier Ryza 2 is the first game in the franchise to be rated CERO C (15 years and up), making it the game with the highest age rating within the series in Japan.


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