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Fee (born as Audrey Zeckzen Slaith) is a playable character in Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny.

Fee is a very strict and dignified person, although she is very young. War has waged on throughout her life, and so she may seem emotionless at first. In actuality, she is easily reduced to tears in the face of tragedy, and is easily moved by the good actions of others.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Fee first appears in the beginning of the game leaving Altena Church. She made her first physical appearance when she assaulted Felt at West Regenbogen, saying that the Azoth he wields must be destroyed. Felt however, defeated Fee and she ran away. Fee and Felt once again crossed paths when Felt was wandering inside the Altena Forest, famous for its fungo monsters, especially Mushroom King. Fee was knocked unconscious by a Poisonous Fungo, and Felt deliberately ran for her aid. She then agreed to lend a hand at Felt to reach Altena Church.

Fee is the Princess of the Slaith Dynasty. Even though uncanny, Fee is the younger sister of the leader of Simsilt Anti-Imperialist League, Max. She is also the surviving member of the Slaith Dynasty, although she is unaware of her heritage. She was first brought to Altena Church when her nanny escaped the invading Silvaresta Empire.


As seen throughout the game, Fee is a very adept spy, able to spy on Felt without even having the latter notice her.

Fee is arguably the fastest character. Her fluid movement grants her a high speed, enabling her to act the first at every battle. Her weapon grants her a notable boost in attack and speed, making her a very fast striker with high damage output. She acquired the skill Ein Zeckslaw throughout the story, after defeating the Slaith Reincarnation. Fee is, however, capped with low HP and defense, making her prone at critical hits.


  • Discounting Poe, Fee is the youngest cast of the game.
  • It is implied that Fee inherited her appearance from her mother, while Max inherited his appearance from her father, explaining why the siblings would have very different looks.