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Bos Brunnen is a supporting character in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy, and a playable character in Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key.

He is the son of Moritz Brunnen, a powerful man who has political power within Kurken Island, and so boasts of his family name.

During the first events of the game, he is typically seen around town with Lumbar Dorn, often bullying Ryza, Lent, (and especially) Tao and bickers them for being a burden on the island. After reconciling with his childhood friends, he becomes more matured and understanding, which was evidently seen in the time of the second game when he becomes a scholar. Consequently, while still trying to make amends to Ryza and her friends from his past mistakes, he increased his efforts to become more intelligent and good in combat, which proves to be useful as he joins Ryza on the events of the third game.


Atelier Ryza[]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When Bos was a child, he was exploring a flooded area of the island with Ryza, Lent and Tao. When she fell into the water, he ran to find Agatha while Lent and Tao were trying to pull her to safety. He knew his father had sent Agatha to watch him and she would be able to help. Tao didn't see it that way and the others agreed with him which caused them to drift away from him and start to criticize one another until in turns to a constant reprimanding when they see each other.

When Ryza and his group are growing and begun being acknowledged by the residents of the island, he got self-conscious about this and wanted to prove he is better than them. As Ryza started making a name for herself as an alchemist, he wanted to uphold the honor of his family name. He would go out on several excursions to the mainland, only to end up being rescued by Ryza and her friends.

Eventually he runs away with Lubart only to get separated and be chased by Philuscha into the Underworld. There he meets Kilo Shiness who protects him until Ryza arrives. While there he learns his family's water source is stealing water from the Underworld and makes amends with Ryza.

When he returns to the island he reveals the source of water is a glowing orb and intends to destroy it, but is stopped by Lila since the people on the island still depended on it. While Ryza was looking for a more permanent solution, he occasionally spent time with Lent for training combat and Tao learning more about the island.

He stays behind during the battle with the Ravaging Queen but returns to the underworld to destroy the orb after Ryza starts a desalination machine on the island.

As of the end of Atelier Ryza he intends to study in the capital with Tao.

Atelier Ryza 2[]

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Bos accompanies Tao to the Royal Capital of Ashra-am Baird following the ending of Atelier Ryza 1. He studies there at the Academy to hone his knowledge of the world, and temper himself into a better heir to the Brunnen family. However, he also has a secret goal in mind, to learn and understand more of the Underworld and the Gates so that he might find a way to reunite with Kilo, whom he misses dearly.

While he does not accompany Ryza on her journey through the ruins surrounding the Capital, he keeps a close eye on their adventures. Fi the Fairy seems to have a fondness towards him, and enjoys resting on his head, much to the young heir's frustration.

Atelier Ryza 3[]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One year on from the end of Atelier Ryza 2's events, Bos returns to Kurken Island with Tao for summer break. There, he meets up with Ryza and his old friends. Following the appearance of the enigmatic Kark Isles, Bos decides to join the group on their adventure this time around, and is able to hold his own thanks to the swordsmanship training Lent put him through. Before the young heir is able to leave, he is seen arguing with his Mortiz. It seems his father has been urging Bos to choose a spouse to settle down and continue the family line with.

As the story proceeds, the group find their way back to the world of Orim, the Underworld. It isn't long before Bos stumbles across a familiar face from the Soulspeaker Clan, one Kilo Shiness. Once their business in the Underworld is concluded, Bos approaches Kilo with a request. He presents her with 'what is most precious to him' as a symbol of love, and asks that she return with him to his world one day so that his father can finally stop complaining. Kilo takes the treasure, and responds to his proposal of marriage with a smile, later telling Ryza... "His oath, indeed it has been received. I will respond to sincerity with sincerity."


  • His name in Japanese "Bosu" is a pun on the term "Bozu" (坊主), an impolite form to address young boys.