Carrot Bunny
Carrot Bunny
Level 2
Type Rabbit
Health 20
Defense 2
Attack 7
Speed 6
Skills Attack
Locations Moyori Forest, Handel Forest, Verdure Forest
Item(s) Dropped Carrot, Fluffy Fur
"A rabbit that always carries around a carrot. They steal their carrots from local farms, so the farmers are always having to chase them off."
Atelier Meruru Description

Carrot Bunnies are one of the starting enemies encountered in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

The Carrot Bunny is the first enemy encountered in the game. Meruru saves Keina as she is ambushed by a group of bunnies in the game's tutorial.

They are one of the weakest enemies in the game, and they don't appear far from the town of Arls. They appear in many of the game's forests, and terrorize Moyori Forest when it is over run by carrots.

They are also seen to appear in groups with their stronger brethren, the Turnip Bunny.

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