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The Catacombs are an area found in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland.

This area is given access by Astrid who tells Rorona about it shortly after the start of Year 2. It takes four days to travel to the Catacombs from Arland. If Rorona travels there with Iksel, the "Mystery Mushroom" event will be triggered, unlocking Mystery Mushrooms in the area.

This is also the location where Pamela can be found.

Map Information[]

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Catacombs Gate 1 Day Salt, Glow Grass Peon, Bandit
Ghost Assembly 2 Days Fuel Dirt, Chainweb Ghost
Memory Hall 1 Day Salt Fear Pamela Event
Treasure: Witch Salve (50)
Catacombs Way 2 Days Mystery Mushroom Bandit Bomb: To advance to Area 5
Big Hall 2 Days Chainweb Fear, Bandit Bomb: To advance to Area 8
Beast Graveyard 1 Day Forgotten Bone Ghost, Fear Treasure: Pnakotic Manuscriptt
Treasure: Pendelook (70)
Neglected Mound 1 Day Some Slough Ghost, Fear Treasure: Broken Item (50)
Bandit Hideout 1 Day Some Slough, Salt Bandit, Peon Treasure: Nectar (40)
Royal Grave 1 Day Forgotten Bone, Fuel Dirt Thousand Spirits (Strong) Treasure: Cloth (Silkis) (80)