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Cecilia "Ceci" Helmold is a character in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland. She is the elder sister to Totori and assumes responsibility for the Helmold family.

When Ceci and Totori's mother Gisela disappeared, Ceci took on a motherly role. She gave up her dream of being an adventurer to take care of Totori and their father Guid. As such, she is extremely overprotective of Totori, and wants to shield her from any sort of danger, especially with Totori's clumsy nature. She is a very stubborn person, and broods after arguing with anybody, especially her sister. When she's angry, she refuses to clean or cook, and often ignores people. She has a kind and helpful side to her as well, worrying about others around her, and always offering to help. 

Ceci will appear in many cut scenes throughout the course of the game as the player revisits Alayna Village. Ceci also assists the player by selling items at Gerard's bar. She's a favorite among the men of the village, especially her childhood friend Peter, even though she doesn't quite realize it. She's been known to be a "heavy weight" drinker, even outdrinking her best friend Melvia

Later on in the game, Melvia and Totori can invite Ceci to accompany them to places outside of Alayna Village. However, this is just for some additional cut scenes and character development. If the player wants to use Ceci in battle, she must be purchased through DLC if playing the Playstation 3 version. In Atelier Totori Plus, she is already available. 



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Skill Level Learned MP Cost Description Target
Duster Boomerang 10 12 MP Attack one target. Single
Cheer 15 24 MP Resist bad status effects. All allies
Spring Cleaning 30 0 MP Super Attack. Attacks one foe. Single
Reliable 20 N/A Reduces chance of ailments. Passive ability. N/A
Overprotective 25 N/A Stats increase if Totori is hurt. Passive ability. N/A