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Chims are tiny human like creatures made with alchemy, and are a type of homunculus. They appear in both Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Unlike the large version of homunculus called Hom, Chims are not capable of human speech, and communicate using variations of the word 'chim'. They do seem to understand people despite their lacking vocabulary, and assist alchemists with their gathering and synthesizing.

A Chim is far less complicated to create than a Hom, and can be made only in Atelier Totori. The first Chim was created by Rorona as a gift for Totori, similar to how Astrid gifted Rorona with Hom. 

A chim's favorite thing is pie! Although created to assist their masters, a Chim will refuse to work if they are not fed properly. 


Atelier Totori[]

The Chims were originally created by Rorona for Totori to help her with her alchemy in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland.

Rorona creates Chims with a device that she builds in Rorona's workshop called the "Homunculus Automatic Creating Unit" or "Hom Motel". Totori can create up to 5 Chims by putting Water of Life into the Hom Motel. The player will be able to choose a gender and a unique name for each Chim that is created.

If names are chosen at random by selecting Suprise!, the first or second to last male Chim will be named Chimman, Chimgreat, Chim Dragon and Chim Marudayu, and the first or second to last female Chim will be named Chimyu, Chimyumyu, Chimyumyumyu and Chimyumimyu.

Chims can gather materials for synthesizing or synthesize items using alchemy to assist Totori. The longer a Chim works, the faster they will be able to work. Chims will take less time to do tasks, and do them more successfully. Each Chim you hire requires pies to work. If you run out of pies, the Chims will refuse to work. 

There is a Chim specific ending, which is also required in order for the True ending.

Atelier Meruru[]

Totori left her Chims with Pamela when she travelled to Arls so that they wouldn't feel lonely. Totori doesn't use her Chims for assistance at the workshop, but uses them in battle during one of her special attacks. When Pamela moves into town to run the Wholesale Store, she will bring the Chims with her to assist with her work. 

When Meruru is given the option to register an item at Pamela's Store, the Chims are the ones who will make the items that are registered. The only time that the Chims require pie to work is for a request given to you by Pamela to upgrade the size of the Wholesale Store. She will also hire more Chims after this request is fulfilled.