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Christoph Aurel Arland is a character in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.


Aurel can be used as party member or support.


Title Description MP Level
Double Spark Deal Light physical damage to single enemy and decrease DEF. An attack with low WT. 10 15
Edge of Light Deal Light physical damage to single enemy, with a chance to cause Seal status. An attack with low WT. 20 15
Resting Spirit Stance Lower your own DEF, but significantly increade level and SPD. 80 30
Emperor of Yin and Yang Deal medium physical damage to a single enemy. Power increase acording to SPD value. Lowproability to stun. An attack with low WT. 52

Assist Skills[]

Title Description Assist Condition MP Level
Seal of Purity Increase DEF of single ally. Apply damage cut (50%/1 hit) [50% Chance] Receive an aliment 0 15

Passive Skills[]

Title Description Level
Mirage Step Increase evasion rate.
Windrider's Divine Protection Increase SPD.
Point Search Increase critical rate.