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Dagllas McRain is a character appearing in Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2 and Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze

Dagllas is one of the royal knights of Salburg. He has a somewhat brash personality, but is serious about his duty as a knight. 

He comes from Kariel, a kingdom north of Schigsal. He moved to Salburg two years before the start of Atelier Elie, where he became renowned for his impressive swordskills. 

Dagllas is hot-blooded and has poor manners, but is a very strong ally to have and is one of the three potential love interests for Elie. 


Atelier Elie[]

Dagllas is a member of the Royal Guard. Though young, he is one of the most promising knights in the kingdom and dreams to one day surpass his captain: Enderk Jad.

Dagllas is often found guarding the castle gates, but can also be found at various places in town at times. Once Elie's reputation index improves, Dagllas will both allow her into the castle, and is more likely to accept being hired as a party member.

In battle, Dagllas is a powerful attacker with a good amount of hit points, and is one of the the best party members the player can hire early in the game. This is however offset by his high hire cost. He is also one of the potential love interests for Elie.

Later in the game when Elie has high friendship and romance points with Dagllas (and providing Elie herself isn't participating), Dagllas will face Enderk in the final of the annual tournament. If Elie chooses to cheer for him, Dagllas will find the strength to defeat Enderk and claim victory.

Atelier Elie GB[]

Dagllas is an available adventurer for Elie to hire. Although expensive to hire, his skills and strength in battle make it worthwhile.[2]

Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis[]

Dagllas is still watching the castle gate as a member of the knights. Due to the increasing presence of monsters around Salburg, Dagllas initially can't join as an adventurer. He can still be found walking around locations in town.

It is revealed that he has a sister back in his home country of Kariel, Cecil, who he has lost contact with. King Bredolf entrusts Dagllas, Enderk, Marie and Elie with defeating the Frost Dragon that is threatening the neighboring country, which makes him hireable again. He has several events associated with the dragon.

If the player defeats the dragon and Elie's friendship with Dagllas is high enough, Cecil points out that the two would make a good couple. Dagllas is flustered by this, but Cecil asks Elie to keep looking after her brother, even if he is the way he is.

Dagllas is one of the stronger party members, although his hiring fee is also on the higher side. He cannot be recruited unless the player spends time in Kariel and is up to date on rumors, but once hireable he can conveniently be hired from Salburg. While he may still refuse to be hired as an adventurer at times, this still makes him considerably easier to switch in and out of the party compared to characters located in far away cities.

He appears in the Military Type ending alongside Enderk, Ruven, and the unnamed blonde knight from the castle.