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Daisuke Achiwa (阿知波大輔, Achiwa Daisuke) is an Atelier series composer who has contributed on-and-off to most of the games from A1 to A19.

Most of his composition falls into the time-frame from the start of the Iris trilogy (A6) to the end of Mana Khemia (A10), as well as every title since Meruru (A13).

Musical Style[]

He makes extensive use of dulcimer sounds, with more digital tones heard in tracks like Sylpheed (1.10) and Gnome (1.26) from A14 or Scorpio (1.29) from A16, and sometimes more traditional or realistic tones. He seems to greatly favor oriental instrumentation.

Another staple of his are fast-paced rock tracks with an electric guitar playing the melody. Tracks like REPLICATED ANGEL(Gt. Ver.) from Volkslied 3 and Astarte (3.37) from A13 showcase the shredding guitar lines and virtuosic soloing on the electric guitar and keyboard-oriented instruments (a harpsichord, in Astarte's case). He makes use of many other stringed instrument sounds, as in Estrella (3.29) from A13 and Gnome (1.26) from A14, of which he did a remix in the recollection archive for that title utilizing a Bouzouki sound for the melody.

He composes plenty of generally "cute" tunes like Hanage Military History (2.30) from A14 and Attractive Beach Queen (2.9) from A16.

Other Games[]

He has composed for various other GUST titles, including his debut on Welcome House 2, the spin-off titles Atelier Lina and Atelier Annie, as well as the first two Ar Tonelico titles and Ar nosurge. Kuroi Hitomi no Noir, and Taishou Mononoke Ibunroku are some other GUST titles he has worked on.


He composed for ONIMAI, an anime television series that was released on Jan 5, 2023.

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