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Eisel Weimar is a main supporting character in Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2, and also appears in Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2 and Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis: Message on the Gentle Breeze. She also has a minor role as a helper in Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

Eisel is an alchemist from an aristocrat family. She is first introduced in Atelier Elie where she has a competitive attitude towards Elie, but grows more kind and mature throughout the games.

She is in love with Nordis Fuba, Elie's classmate. However, in contrast to Nordis, she believes that any means of development for alchemy is good, even if the research could be used for weapons or other dangers. Her goal in alchemy is to make a lot of money.

Eisel eventually leaves Salburg and travels to the Gramnad continent, where she becomes the teacher of Viorate Platane.


Atelier Elie[]

Eisel is a student at the Salburg Academy, and like many others, hopes to become a great alchemist. She comes from a family of artistrocrats, which causes Eisel to possess a great sense of entitlement upon first impression. She eventually learns to be more open minded and friendly towards people.

She is in the same year as Elie, and the two can potentially become good friends. Unlike Elie, Eisel is taught by Hermina who has a much different view on alchemy than Elie's teacher Ingrid. She is a prized pupil in the eyes of her instructor and shows promise as a young alchemist. Rather than hiring Fairies, Eisel is helped by a Homunculus that she was encouraged by Hermina to make. While it doesn't charge money like fairies do, it's not without its problems as it attempts to harvest ingredients inside of the academy and is mistaken for a thief. 

Eisel will be present for many cut scenes through the course of the game. Her CG event is triggered by Elie doing better in school than her, pursuing a romance with Nordis, as well as having a low friendship to her. This causes Eisel to visit Elie late at night before the final day of the fourth year. She will blame Elie for taking everything from her and break down into tears. If Elie graduates after this Eisel will leave the academy, while she will stay if the player chooses to study at the Meister Rank. She fights with a staff and is very cheap to hire after she is befriended. If her friendship is high enough, she will be the one to invite Elie to Schia's wedding. Eisel will also attend the summer festival together with Nordis every year.

Atelier Elie GB[]

After has returned to Salburg in order to help her father's business and can be hired into Elie's party.[1] When she becomes available to hire, she is free.[2] Although Elie and Eisel's friendship is still a bit strained, she will still help Elie.

Marie & Elie: Two People's Atelier[]

Eisel is one of the alchemists of Artisan Way, running a workshop with the help of Nordis. She is a hireable party member. While she is trying to rely on her own strength and alchemy knowledge, she is far from free from her position as a noble and her family still rules over her fate and future.

Through tea time she shares the recipes for Laughing Stuffed Animal, which is needed to see some of Schia's events, and her own improved version of Dark Water, which is a combat item that she also wields herself.

Eisel returns to Salburg after a journey of improving her skills. She then opens up her own workshop using only the money she has made from her own hard work, rather than to rely on her aristocratic background. She soon recruits Nordis as her helper. Ever since the incident that happened at graduation in Atelier Elie, Eisel and Elie's friendship has been on edge. Eisel is desperate to prove herself to be better than her "rival" and refuses Elie's attempts at repairing the damage that has been done.

It is later revealed that her family has arranged a marriage for her against her will to solve their financial issues. Despite Eisel's hard work, she has not been able to make Gold to save her family's finances. Knowing she has little time left, she keeps the engagement a secret from Nordis to enjoy her last freedom before the wedding. It is then up to player to make Gold. If the player fails to make the item in time, Elie will have the option to tell Nordis the truth, prompting him to synthesize the Gold instead.

If the player has at least one Gold, Elie will try to give it to Eisel if she is spoken to. At first Eisel refuses it, believing that her rival has only completed the item to show off her superiority. Elie slaps her, and explains that there is a chance she might have done it out of superiority, but that the important thing is that she'll never abandon her. Elie yells Eisel that she's letting her pride ruin her life, and that she is willing to go these lengths to save her because they are friends. Elie's feelings finally reach Eisel, but she still refuses to accept the gold bar. Eisel explains that because they are friends she can't rely on her all the time and let her do the work. Instead, Elie shares advice on how to make the item so that Eisel can solve the matter through her own strength and find a true solution. Afterwards, Eisel visits the workshop and annonces that the engagement has been cancelled and that she'll keep running her workshop. She also tells Elie that if she one day would end up dating Nordis she'd allow it, finally ending the rivalry between the two that had remained since their school days.

Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis[]

Like Marie and Elie, Eisel runs her own workshop while also undertaking the task of writing books for the new library. Nordis sometimes helps out in her workshop. She is also available as a recruitable party member and provides the protagonists with new recipe ideas.

Eisel can be found in her workshop, which is a new location in Salburg, or at the academy. She still has a complicated relationship with Elie and can be quite mean, but also shows a kind and helpful side while also being flustered by Elie's friendly attitude. She is also one of the few characters outside Saiid, Marie and Elie that have a friendship-related event with Anis. While Anis acknowledges that she can be a bit harsh at times, she sees her as a calm and caring person.

Eisel is a reliable early party member that is not too expensive to hire. While there may be better options for strong enemies and boss battles, Eisel can still prove to be a good ally when travelling the roads between the cities. As her MP is relatively high she can also make a good item user.

She appears in the Fantastic Idea-type ending wearing a purple dress as well as in the Livelihood-type ending flying on a flying carpet together with Nordis. The player can also buy a painting of her from the visiting artist.

Atelier Viorate[]

After the events of Atelier Elie, Eisel leaves Salburg behind. She hopes to travel and learn more about alchemy. In her travels, she stumbles across the small village of Karotte where she meets Viorate Platane, a young and naive girl who she helps get rid of a stain on her laundry using alchemy.

Upon seeing Eisel's abilities with alchemy, Viorate begs Eisel to teach her more about magic and alchemy. Eisel decides to offer her services while trying to learn more about alchemy herself. She is a recruitable adventurer, and is the only character besides the protagonist who is capable of using items in battle. Eisel can be found in Karotte Village already at very beginning of the game, and remains there guiding and watching over Viorate's progress.

In the game, she often reminisces about her time spent with Elie and other friends. Eisel denies having any grander ambition with her journey, simply seeking to find herself. Even though her demeanor has changed considerably, it's implied that she and Elie may not have parted on the best terms, most likely following their fallout right before graduation in Atelier Elie.

Her likes are jewels, her dislike is "stupid things", and she is categorized as a wealthy customer. Her purchase habit is items with sub effects. 

She sees her past self in Brigitt Sihern, and helps Viorate to make the Elixir to cure her illness. In the true ending she leaves the kingdom with Viorate on a journey to further guide her studies in alchemy. 


Alchemist Marie & Elie[]

Items skills[3][]


Alchemy level learned MP Usage Skill Description

Canohne Rock (カノーネ岩)

Starting level.

Gash Charcoal (ガッシュの木炭)


Mega Flam (メガフラム)


Dark Water (暗黒水)


Atelier Viorate[]

Eisel's starting level is 16, and will charge anywhere from 84-40 cole to be hired.[4] She can equip staves as weapons. She can equip clothes, dresses and light shields for armor.[5] Because she is an alchemist, she can also use items in battle.[6]


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description


(Rot Blitz)

Starting level 40 MP Thunder magic attack which targets one enemy.


Starting level 40 MP Fire magic attack which targets one enemy.


Starting level 40 MP Ice magic attack which targets one enemy.

レジスト (Resist)

Starting level N/A Higher resist to fire and ice magic attacks.



  • The first recipe book in Atelier Viorate is named after her (and also provided by her story-wise). 
  • In Atelier Viorate, Eisel can use a skill previously used by her teacher, Hermina, in Atelier Judie
  • In the past, her house was robbed by Der Himmel
  • If the player's popularity begins to drop low in Atelier Marie, Elie, & Anis, she will mention that the protagonist's customers have started coming to her workshop instead. 
  • She collects dolls and stuffed animals. 
  • Her name was derived from the German word for iron, eisen, and is meant to represent that she is an "iron lady". [8]


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