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"Rorona: The name of my beloved mother[1]."
— Elmerulia Frixell

Elmerulia Frixell, or Lulua for short, is the main protagonist of Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. She is the adopted daughter of Rorolina Frixell the protagonist of the the first game in the Arland Trilogy, Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. She also appears in Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle.

She grew up in the Armster Orphanage along Eva, and she values both the other orphans and her adoptive mother as her precious family. She loves curry, similar to her mother's passion for pie baking.

She wants to become a great alchemist like her mother, and studies under Piana. Lulua's growth as an alchemist takes a big turn when she finds a mysterious tome only she can read - the Alchemy Riddle. This leads her fate to become intertwined with the mysterious Stia.

Even if her mother is often away because of work, the two have a good relationship. Due to her mother's negligence of her second workshop in Arklys, Lulua is forced into taking ownership and reopen it as "Atelier Lulua".

Lulua believes that things will always work out in the end. She's willing to go to extreme ends to protect the things important to her, even if it means accomplishing what's supposed to be impossible. Even if Lulua has a bright outlook on life, she still feels a great pressure not to harm her mother's reputation with careless actions.


Atelier Lulua[]

Lulua is the player character and protagonist of the game's narrative. Although she is the daughter of a famous alchemist, Lulua's skills still have a long way to go. Things change when she starts to decipher the Alchemyriddle, which strangely seems to always provide her with the right hints and information. As Lulua's life as an alchemist goes on, she'll eventually have to face the truth of the Riddle and the mysterious ruins of her hometown.

Like previous protagonists, Lulua gathers materials, synthesizes, fulfills quests and makes friends and allies along the way. The Alchemyriddle guides the player and Lulua's actions, and she'll be faced with an important choice that decides if the game ends early in a Bad Ending, or if the story carries on to the final chapter.


Lulua is a member of the party. She uses a staff as a weapon

Active Skill[]

Title Description MP Level
Little Vice (リトルヴァイス) Deal Light physical and magic damage to single enemy. High Faint value 10 5
Tri-bloom Continuously restore MP to all alies.Recover From Faint 30 10
Oval layer increase ATK and DEF of single ally. Recover from stun 20 20
Luminous Concerto (Ultimate Attack) [AP: 100] Deal extra heavy magic damage to all enemies. Decrease all resistances by 1. 100AP 50

Assist Skills[]

Title Description Assist Condition Level
Cute Star Deal limited physical damage to a single enemy. High Faint Value. Use a skill to deal physical damage. N/A
Bounding Sun Deal magic damage to a single enemy. Low probability of causing Burns. Deal either fire, ice, or lightning damage. 35

Passive Skills[]

Title Description Unlock
Fireprof Clothes Increase resistance to fire by 1. Unlock after complete certain basic Alchemyriddle
Stamina Surge Increase Max HP. Unlock after complete certain Advanced Alchemyriddle
Protecive Intuition Increase DEF N/A
Speed slow Decrease WT by 20% when an item is used. Unlock after complete Chapter of Advice on Alchemyriddle


  • Her outfit was handmade by her mother, she likes it so much that she often has Eva patching it up for her.
  • She can beat Sterk in arm wrestling.
  • Curry is her favorite food.



  1. ロロナ。それは、 大好きなお母さんの名前。
  2. んぐぉぉぉぉ…。なに、なにかが頭に降ってきた…なにこれ、本…?