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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Cordelia's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier Rorona[]

Cordelia's ending requires achieving the requirements for the True Ending.

In addition, her events are tied to particular requests given out by Esty. Upon completing one, an event will trigger (and so on).

Requests Necessary from Esty:

  • Pebble x2 (1000 cole)
  • Iron Clay x2 (1800 cole)
  • Cotton Flower x2 (2500 cole)
  • Glow Sand x2 (4999 cole)
  • Sunny Crystal x2 (3920 cole)
  • Mont Blanc x2 (10315 cole)
  • Shadow Grass x2 (7350 cole)


  1. Upon accepting the initial request of two pebbles, an event will occur with Esty, Rorona and Cordelia, with another event following completion of the request.
  2. An event will occur at R & T Sundries when Cordelia's friendship is 60+ and three requests have been completed.
  3. Fail a synthesis any time after the previous event to obtain a key item, which will then be given to Cordelia on the following day.
  4. After finishing another request, an event will trigger. After this event, Cordelia will be unavailable as a party member (temporarily).
  5. Head to the castle to speak with Esty.
  6. Ten days after the previous event, leave the workshop.
  7. Ten days after the above event, Cordelia's last event is triggered.


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