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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Hanna's character events necessary to obtain the "Waterside Encounter" and "Drunken Legend EX" trophies in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier Meruru[]

  1. Reach Kingdom Rank II for Hanna's introduction at the Workshop.
  2. Speak to Hanna.
  3. Return to Arls from the World Map for an event with Hanna.
  4. Reach Kingdom Rank III and enter Arls. Another event occurs at this rank by entering any area, which will trigger another event.
  5. Speak to Hanna again.
  6. From friendship level 25-50, every five levels, Hanna will give Meruru some items upon entering Arls.
  7. After reaching Alchemy Level 15 and developing Hart Outpost once, speak to Hanna for a recipe. This recipe will create a larger bag for holding items.
  8. Speak to Hanna yet again.
  9. After reaching Kingdom Rank VI, speak with Hanna.
  10. Starting Year 4 4/1, head to Namiki Road for an event.
  11. When Hanna's friendship is 40+, enter Quelei Forest without her in the party. A trophy will be obtained during this event.
  12. Speak to Hanna when her friendship is 45+.
  13. When Hanna's friendship is 50+, go to Namiki Road.
  14. When both Hanna and Esty's friendship levels are 50+ and the population goal has been reached, head to the Tavern. A trophy will be obtained, and one day will pass.

DLC Events in Atelier Meruru[]

  1. Starting Year 2 4/1, Hanna will join the party at Namiki Road. The timing of this event is random.
  2. Travel to Quelei Forest with Hanna in the party.
  3. Head to Trombe Plateau with Hanna in the party.
  4. Speak to Hanna after the previous events.
  5. Go to Namiki Road when Hanna's friendship is 60+.
  6. Return to Namiki Road after the previous event.


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