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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Rorona's character events necessary to obtain her character ending in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier Totori[]

  1. Starting 3/1/1, go to the Sunrise Cafe.
  2. When Sterk's friendship is 30+ and Rorona's friendship is 40+, head to the Sunrise Cafe.
  3. Available starting at 3/7/1, when Rorona's friendship is 50+, go to Artisan's Way.
  4. Six months after the prior event, when Rorona's friendship is 60+, there will be an event at Atelier Rorona (do this BEFORE sailing away in Totori's ship).
  5. Raise Alchemy Level to 50, and then perform a synthesis in Atelier Rorona.

Note: Rorona's ending can be avoided easily if reaching level 50 but then synthesizing exclusively in Alanya.

Events in Atelier Meruru[]

  1. After 1/3/1, Rorona will appear at the Workshop with Hom and Astrid.
  2. A few days after she arrives, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  3. After a few days pass from the previous event, try to exit the workshop. Rorona will be available to join the party.
  4. At the workshop, hit Alchemy Level 15.
  5. At the workshop, hit Alchemy Level 19.
  6. At the workshop, hit Alchemy Level 22.
  7. At the workshop, once Rorona's friendship is 30+.
  8. Between friendship levels of 35-60, there will be six events at the workshop, with one taking place every five points.
  9. When Rorona's friendship is 80, speak to her and the Pie Shop Facility will be available to develop for 150 development points.
  10. Upon completion of the construction of the Pie Shop facility, a trophy will be obtained.
  • NOTE: The events in Atelier Meruru do not necessarily have to follow this order.


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