Eradication Alchemy also known as Ablation Alchemy was discovered by Luard,
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who used it to gain power. It is a harmful kind of alchemy that is a threat to the ecosystem.  

Description Edit

Eradication Alchemy is the Forbidden Alchemy that ignores the wishes of the materials and forces them to morph into another form. This causes environmental problems and the Power of Nature will eventually be exhausted. It is a great power. That is a major threat to the ecosystem. Plachta admits that Eradication Alchemy/Ablation Alchemy is probably stronger and more useful than her and Sophie's alchemy, if used carefully, which the villain isn't concerned with. Afterwards, this is ignored, and Ablation Alchemy is treated as wrong in itself, rather than dangerous and being misused. Ablation alchemy is a powerful skill, but it goes against the will of nature and has catastrophic effects on the world.
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User of Eradication Alchemy Edit

Luard-He became addicted to Eradication Alchemy and turned into the alchemist of exhaustion.

History Edit

Luard was jealous of his friend Plachta because she is better at alchemy than he is. He had a panic attack until he discovered Eradication Alchemy, which is a forbidden alchemy. Luard's lust for power led him to become consumed by the power of this alchemy and the more he used it, the more he wasted nature and hurt people as well. Plachta knew what Luard was doing and tried to make him stop. Luard refused to listen to her and she had to fight him to save the world, she killed Luard and split his soul into two artificial life forms named Meklet and Atomina.

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Video GamesEdit

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book: Edit

Luard is resurrected with the Cauldron of Knowledge and continues to use Ablation Alchemy as he sees fit. Normal alchemy requires listening to the objects involved, working with their nature, and making them into something that they want to be made into, while Ablation Alchemy simply changes things, drawing upon and exhausting nature's power to make wondrous transformations far more quickly and easily than the regular style. Plachta admits that Ablation Alchemy is probably more useful if used carefully, but the villain doesn't care about responsible use, only about power. Luard wants to master the power of alchemy and doesn't care who gets hurt by his actions.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey: Edit

Meklet and Atomina have stopped using Ablation Alchemy after being beat by Sophie Neuenmuller in the first game.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings: Edit

Luard, feeling bad for what he has done in the past, hides his true name and takes Alt for a name.

Trivia Edit

In Atelier Sophie the alchemy is called Ablation Alchemy.

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