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Ernie Lyttleton is a character appearing in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

Ernie is a travelling merchant who someday wishes to own his own store. He has known Ayesha for years, and is viewed by Ayesha as a motherly figure. He delivers Ayesha's medicine to clients and has helped make her medications more world famous. He is supportive to Ayesha in everything that she does, and acts as her family after Ayesha's grandfather dies and her sister goes missing. 

Ernie is an honest and enthusiastic businessman. While travelling the world map, Ernie will appear on randomized parts of the map. He will sell a variety of different items to Ayesha. He runs into Ayesha many times in her travels on the road, and appears to know most of Ayesha's friends that she meets along the way such as Nanaca, Tanya and Kyle.

Ernie has no ending and cannot be recruited into the party, but plays a larger part than any side character, being seen from the start of the game through to the end consistently.


Ernie's main role is to sell Ayesha items at certain points on the world map. There are also a variety of different events with Ernie that happen throughout the game as Ayesha travels.

Ernie will request items be delivered to him throughout the course of the game which can be delivered to him at the Vierzeberg bridge. There are a series of events with Ernie which will create a memory in Ayesha's diary when completed.

After Ayesha meets with Ranun Etts, Ernie decides to hire Ranun on to help him with his work. He is appalled by Ranun's laid back attitude and lack of a job, as he believes in working hard for a living. Several events can be seen with the two men as Ayesha travels the world map.

During an event where Ayesha has her first drink on her birthday at Kyle's bar, Ernie takes care of her after she becomes heavily intoxicated.