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"Simply known as the "Devil" since the beginning of time. Thousands of people fell victim to it before it was sealed in the tower."
Atelier Totori description

Evil Face is the true final boss battle in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and one of the optional boss battles in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. An powerful demonic entity, Evil Face's appearance is that of a eyeless humanoid demon with a Cheshire grin dressed in a gentleman's suit with top hat.

In Atelier Totori, Evil Face is sealed within the tower Liechtein Soehnle which can be unlocked once you have returned to Frontier Village the second time, Rorona will tell Totori to try asking Pamela. Once she's talked to Pamela and she's ready to go, Totori can now take her to the Liechtein Soehnle next to Frontier Village and she will unlock the door for you to fight Evil Face up on the top floor. By defeating the demonic entity, the player will be be able to unlock Melvia, Mimi, and the game's True Ending.

In Atelier Meruru, Evil Face makes its appearance once again in the DLC dungeon, Makina Domain as the first optional boss battle, "Tower's Devil". Despite its new name, it still retains its old skills in Atelier Totori.


Atelier Meruru[]

Skill Skill Description Target
Thousand Needles Strikes all enemies with a multitude of needles of darkness. All enemies
Wing Slicer Slices an opponent with his wings, transformed into swords. Recovers HP with each hit. Single enemy
Merciful Curse With a twirl and a flick of his cane, hits opponents with a powerful shockwave inflicting the status effects: Blind, Curse, and Poison. All enemies
Evolution N/A Self Only
The Fallen By using powerful dark magic, it destroys its victim with a powerful illusion of being crushed in its hand, causing up to 999 damage to HP. Single enemy

Battle Tips[]

Here are some of the convenient strategies the player can use to defeat him in Atelier Totori:

  • Use Totori, Sterkenburg, and Mimi who are at least Level 45.
  • Once you are able to fight the Flauschtraut and can beat it there should be no problem, reset the battle to defeat it again until it gives you a Halmolium weapon. Give it to Sterk or Mimi if you want, if not just disassemble it and make it for them.
  • Once you visit Pilca again to talk with her about Piana and Totori decides to face the Devil, talk to Pilca again and she will sell you items from now on. Pilca sells a Dragon Tusk; with it you can make another ultimate weapon; so make it for Sterk or Mimi (whoever hasn't got one yet) and be sure to get, at least for Sterk, the Ability "Demon Repel". (it can be synthed with a "Blue Sand" for example") Since both Evil Face and his Minions are classified in the "Devil" race, this will give 100% Critical Hits with Demon Repel. Also, try to get the ability, "Convert Damage" into Their weapons as well.
  • Synth at least two Shadow Bands; you get the Shadow Band via "Epic Poems" on Ruin Island. You just need one Ingot and two Gravistones for each. Afterwards, give them to Sterk and Mimi. You can synthesize one more for Totori if you wish.
  • Synth 3 Angel Charm accessories, which gives HP every round. This is useful since Totori won't have to always heal because of the combination of Convert Damage and the Angel's Charm, but this is purely optional.
  • Synth "Iksel Course" with the ability "HP Recovery XL" and "MP Recovery L" and make sure you register the Iksel Course after making them and buy at least 10 of them. (Iksel Plate and Danish can be bought by Iksel himself.) For the "Iksel Course" Recipe you have to end the Iksel Cooking Side Quest completely. Using Totori's "Duplicate" during the battle on this item is a good idea.
  • Along with Iksel Courses, bring along Healing Salves with Healing Essence, Mystery Ankhs, Elixirs and/or Auto-Alarms (Auto-Alarms can be synthed after you got the recipe from Rorona) for healing. For attack items, bring a bunch of N/A bombs, Ether Ink, and some Dimension Eggs as well.
  • Try to have whatever healing item you're using equipped with the "Cure-All" Ability because Evil Face's "Merciful Curse" skill, it decreases your stats and inflicts status effects. You can also mix it within your Iksel Courses if you wish.
  • Be sure to attack all three enemies at once with two Sword Blitzes once Evil Face creates two Black Demons with its "Conjuration" skill; it should be enough (because of "Demon Repel", the weapon itself and Sterk's Level) to destroy the two minions and that's good - very good, and of course Evil Face himself gets damage as well.
  • Iksel Course gives you the possibility to attack with Sterk's and Mimi's Special attacks often; so use the chance, especially for Judgment and Himmel Waltz(!); "Sword Blitz" should be used like I have already mentioned; and don't forget the Special Attacks "Lichtschneiden" and "Einzelkämpfer" of Sterk and Mimi.


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