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Fanatos is a Dark Mana who appears in Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

In Eternal Mana, she is a Mana metamorphosied from Plua, Mana of the Dark Element. Unlike the quiet, calm-natured Plua, Fanatos is much more proud and dignified. In Atelier Iris 3, even though she is reluctant, she finally makes a pact with Iris after she is faced with the fact that Edge and his party had saved her.


Atelier Iris 3[]

Fanatos, the "Goddess of Evil", is an advanced-class Mana. After the player defeats her mana boss in Atelier Iris 3, she will be available as Edge's late Blades Master.

As Edge's Blades Master, Edge can utilize magical attacks with Fanatos, and as with Giftos' Blades Master, with which Edge has to compensate his speed for his powerful attacks. Fanatos Blades Master utilizes physical abilities and skills that protect or heals allies at the cost of Edge's health.

When summoned by Iris into battle, Fanatos will cast a lightning attack.