Flay Gunnar

Flay Gunnar Flay's appearance in Mana Khemia.

A10 Flay Gunnar Flay's appearance in Mana Khemia 2.

Japanese グンナル・ダム
(Gun'naru damu)
Gunnar Damn/Damm
Birthday December 10th
Age 19 (Mana Khemia)

36 (Mana Khemia 2)

Height 183 cm (6 '​0 '​ '​)
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs.)
Blood Type AB
Appearances Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy

Voice Kenyu Horiuchi (Japanese)
Richard Epcar (English)
"Charismatic student at Al-Revis academy who convinces, or more accurately forces Vayne to join his workshop. He is implied to be one of the most powerful figures in the entire academy, despite being only a student."
— 'Character Entry

Flay Gunnar is a repeating senior student of Al-Revis Academy and one of the main cast of Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

In Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy, he returns as one of the school's teachers.



Role in Mana KhemiaEdit

Vayne's (in)famous alleged workshop leader. One of the main characters in the game and is called "Flaya" by Nikki. A strong, masculine and arrogant senior who harbors a hero complex and is very good at coming up and carrying out extreme, improbable ideas, often lead to hilarious conclusions. Despite being very capable in combat, he technically flunked most of his alchemy classes and was implied to have repeated senior year several times.

Out of all the members in the workshop, he harbors a mutual dislike for Anna and Roxis. Roxis for being too serious and quiet, and Anna for fear that the responsible girl will replace him and have complete authority over the workshop. The mana that accompanies Flay is the Mana of Gold: A relatively unfriendly Mana that refuses to come out unless it is necessary to do so. He contracted with Flay after he defeated him sometime after the end of Chapter 3.

Character QuestEdit

In Chapter 1 of his character quest, Flay devices a plan to see if Vayne has what it takes to be a "Defender of Justice". The following day, Flay forces Vayne to go the Campus Grounds with him to train, and hears a cry for help. They go to see what it was, and found out that it was a little girl. She tells them that she is looking for her older brother, with Flay accidentally blurting out that he was kidnapped. Vayne notices Flay's remark and the out-of-place girl and realizes that this is all Flay's doing, however, Flay denies it. The girl suggests that they ask around for info about her brother. No one knows (or was told to not know) where her brother is. Later, a student appears and tells Flay that he's sorry for being late. Flay tells him to forget it and asks if he remembers his line. The student remembers and tells them that the girl's brother is in one of the workshops. Vayne tells them that they can drop the act now, but Flay dismisses it again. They go to the workshop and find the brother and kidnapper, however, they were acting the wrong role and switch places. A fight begins, with the duo winning. After the hostage was freed, did Flay formally told Vayne the truth. Vayne however makes a remark that he already knew from the start.

In Chapter 2, a rumor starts to spread about a "Defender of Justice" and group recalls that the one who is spreading this rumor is Flay. They believe that Flay is the Defender, but to be sure they ask around about the hero. The info they gathered matches with Flay's physical attributes, but then he appears behind them wearing mask claiming to be the hero. They chase after him, causing trouble along the way. Eventually, only Vayne was left chasing after him and Flay reveals himself. After this, Flay gives Vayne two choices, 1) He can become his sidekick or, 2) He kills him, there and now. Vayne, left with little option, is forced to be his sidekick.

In Chapter 3, Vayne and Flay go to the Campus Grounds early morning, disguised as Defenders of Justice, to practice striking poses. Vayne, however, is too embarrassed by this and starts blushing noticeably, angering Flay. They later hear a cry for help in the Resource Center. There, they see a female student distressed. They ask what's wrong and she tells them that a Brownie took her bag inside the resource center. They caught up to it and defeat it after a fight. Pamela comes in to see what the commotion was about to see that her friend was beaten up by the 2. She was initially angry at the two, but after hearing their story she tells her friend that its bad to steal from people. Pamela asks who they were, but before Flay could answer, Vayne whispered to him that if they stay to long, she might recognize them, and so dashes of after they strike a pose. Pamela is left to ponder about them, quoting that she seems to know them from somewhere.

In Chapter 4, Flay notices that there are no more delinquents to deal with and are set with minor problems instead, such as helping a student with his homework. He becomes irritated of this with Vayne making a remark that,if there are no villains, there no heroes. This gives Flay an idea and ran off.

In Chapter 5, he became a villain who took over half of the world (or so he claims), with Vayne becoming a "hero" and his arch nemesis. It's not really as serious as it sounds as Flay is only pretending to be a villain.

Role in Mana Khemia 2Edit

He is hired by principal Zeppel to be the new teacher of the "Art of Battle" class that has just been implemented. He is still trying to take over the world and has a secret organization located somewhere underneath the school. For now, he is teaching alchemy (even though he is supposed to teach only battle skills) as well as battle skills to his students. He is still fond of appearing and disappearing at will and often thinks up extreme ideas when it comes to a school event or a task for his students to perform. He is Raze's classroom teacher. In North American release of the first Mana-Khemia, he is known as Flay Gunnar, which translated over to the sequel for consistency purposes.

He is available as an optional boss in Mana Khemia 2 Portable+ only, still retaining his skills, Screwdriver and Buster Star. He also still has the Mana of Gold with him.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Name SP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
Armor Break None Physical Deal damage with a drill from underground. ATK Support DEF Down Single enemy x1 HIT
Double Counter None Physical Guard an attack place of an ally. DEF Support 100% Counter Single enemy x1-6 HIT
Starshot 30 SP Physical Deal damage with ninja stars. ATK Skill

Time Skill

Places 2 Timecards Single enemy x5 HIT
Buster Star 87 SP Physical Two kinds of ninja stars to deal medium damage. ATK Skill

Time Skill

Places 3 Timecards Single enemy x7 HIT
Raiden Charge 20 SP N/A Retain electricity within the body and add lightning to attacks and skills. SUP Skill ATK Up

Changes all attacks & skills to Electric type.

Self Only
Big Impact 50 SP Physical Shockwave from mechsword deals medium damage. ATK Skill None Single enemy x3 HIT
Drill Twist 74 SP Physical Drill for medium damage. ATK Skill DEF down Single enemy x4 HIT
Mega Screw 25 SP Physical Charge forth with a drill. ATK Skill

Double Up Skill

Knockback Single enemy x2 HIT
Hyper Screw 84 SP Physical Twin drills do high damage. ATK Skill

Double Up Skill

Knockback Single enemy x5 HIT
Screwdriver 112 SP Physical Gigantic drill deals great damage. ATK Skill Knockback Range(S) x6 HIT

His Finishing Burst is Maximum Drill, By combining with the Mana of Gold and attacks the enemy to deal super damage. It targets a single enemy and hits for x6 HIT.


  • One of Flay's weapons, Alvero, is a clear reference to Alvero Kronie's Mechsword of Atelier Iris 3. Also, two of Flay skills, Starshot and Buster Star, are a reference to Edge Vanhite as two of his skills, Windmill and Cross Rain, share the same effects.
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