Gillian Clout
Japanese ジェリア・クラウト
Jalia Kraut
Age 18
Occupation Knight
Height 168 cm (5 '​6 '​ '​)
Weight 53 kg (116.84 lbs)
Blood Type O
Appearances Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island
Voice Kaoru Akiyama

Gillian Clout (ジェリア・クラウト, Jeria Kurauto) is the only female member of the Knights of Orde. She doesn't take her job seriously at all, choosing to slack off at the library or make her special herbal juices.


Gillian is jolly, but often slacks off of work.

Power and SkillEdit

Gillian has a very high Attack that can be taken advantage of with her weapons of choice, swords and spears. Her Resistence is below average and her Magic is terrible, but the rest of her stats are decent. She is a major physical attacker and excels on the front line in the party.


  • Counter : Gillian will counter enemy attacks for one turn.
  • Provoke : Provokes enemies, making them more likely to attack Gillian.
  • Medi Juice : Increases a single ally's Speed.


Her family has been in the line of being knights for generations. Being the only child, she is forced to be a knight, even though she doesn't really want to. Despite all the slacking and unwillingness, she is incomparable to the other knights, often always being at the top in contests for knights.


When she meets Annie, she begs Captain Brookhart, her boss, into allowing her to protect Annie when she goes out gathering. Later, when Annie asks why she wanted to help, Gillian replies by saying she just wanted to have an excuse to slack off. Despite this, the two seem to be good friends, with Annie even trying one of her mixtures at one point, only to be disgusted.

Gillian and Melody has known each other since they were young, so Gillian often sneaks out of work or hangs out in the library (in events) to let Melody try her herbal juices, who is used to tasting Gillian's drinks.


Hiring her as a clerk:

I don't know if I can help, but I'll do my best!

Meeting her as a clerk in your shop:

Hey hey! I'm good at managing fun places! I hate serious stuff...heh.

Meeting her as a clerk in other places:

I'm not slacking off! I've got a buncha stuff to do...

Making her join as a party member:

Alrighty! I'll come along the next time you leave town!

Removing her as a party member:

Let me know if you need me again! Bye-bye!


Fitz's sisterEdit

Gillian vs Kilbert

Fitz sister

No wonder Fitz doesn't want you to be her sister...