Japanese ゴトー(Gotō)
Birthday December 12th
Height 145 cm (4 '​9 '​ '​)
Appearances Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy
Voice Kenichi Ogata (Japanese)

Liam O'Brian (English)

"People call me the Wandering Love Hunter!"
— Goto

Goto is a playable character in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. He is a part of Ulrika's workshop.

A mysterious being assuming the form of an animal doll, although his "real form" is the round red ball that he's always holding. He likes to call himself the "Beautiful White Beast," and likes to think of himself as charming. Many women in Al-Revis Academy (including the Director Marta) seem to be attracted to him, for reasons unknown. Nobody has ever seen Goto's true form, nor does anybody his true name or identity. During one cut scene Goto reveals that he is surpressing his aura around Ulrika which explains why none of the girls in the workshop have fallen for him. Ulrika becomes quite flustered when he temporarily stops surpressing it.

His previous form was that of a raccoon and other animals, and he describes his current form as that of a "pegasus". His real form is that of a tall red-haired man as seen in his ending. He is long time friends with Pepperoncino.

Battle TipsEdit

Goto has a very stabilized status. He can both be good in physical and magic attacks, despite his major attacks are physical. He has Triple Volley, a skill with a similar effect with Vayne Aurelius's Over Realm. However, given his moderate SP, it is not recommended to use it frequently. He is specialized in stealing items and desserts from the enemy. Goto is pretty fast, and he is good enough to cut the enemy's turn during his support moves. His skill, Goto Romancing, is useful to get a quick Unite Mode when the Goto Points are big enough, since it can hit the enemy from 1 to 15 times.One Goto Romancing full of Goto point can send the party to unite mode.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • "Your defense is wide open." - First strike
  • "Looks like I will have to get a little serious." - First strike, big enemy
  • "To hell!" - Fate Steal / Fortune Lover
  • "Oh boy, I don't have a choice." - Violation
  • "Haha! You're my target!" - Activate Violation / Gorgeous Storm
  • "Now it's serious!" - Goto Romancing
  • "I'll show you the real deal!" - Dignity Dunk / Prestige Dunk
  • "Just burn!" - Intimate Strike 1 / Beauty Bound
  • "Can you stop this shot!?" - Intimate Strike 2 / de la Goto Shot
  • "So many openings...!" - Intimate Guard / Zone Steal
  • "Well, excuse me..." - Support Attack
  • "Now now, baby..." - Support Defense
  • "Was I too serious?" - Victory
  • "My love in danger..." - Low on HP
  • "You can count on me!" - Using items
  • "How's this!?" - Using common skills
  • "I'll stick to my armor on this battle. It's what being a man is all about." Finishing Strike / Pride Fight
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