Heintz Freihorn
Cha 33 illust01
A young man who believes in himself
Japanese ハインツ・フライホルン
Haintsu Furaihorun
Age 16
Occupation Nomad(traveler)
Weapon Dagger, bow, sword
Appearances Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Voice Yuuto Suzuki

Heintz Freihorn is a playable character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

He only appears in the game if a DLC is purchased.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Story Edit

Heintz is a young man from an unusual family who keeps monsters as pets. He is frank and frivolous, but doesn't sweat the small stuff.

Heintz dreams of keeping powerful monsters as livestock. Because of this, he often recklessly challenges powerful monsters in various locations. Disliking that his family only kept weak monsters, he unexpectedly left home and began journeying.

As he's skilled with his fingers, his strong point is manufacturing monster materials.

Role in Atelier Firis Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Heintz attempts to catch several monsters with the help of Firis, but is unsuccessful. In one attempt he saves a puni from a powerful monster and it becomes attached to him. The puni later returns the favor when he and Firis are surrounded by monsters. This act changed his view on training smaller monsters realizing they can fight too.

He values Firis as a partner and gives her a "Proof of Bonds," an item given by his tribe to show affection. Firis can choose to return the favor after learning the recipe from Annelies in Weisslark. If Firis chooses to give Heintz a Proof of Bonds, it is implied they have mutual feelings for one another and the dialogue for his ending is changed to reflect this.

Ending Edit

If Firis chooses to travel with Heintz, they continue to hunt for large monsters. In the normal ending, during a battle Firis is carried off by a large bird with him following behind. If Firis gave Heintz the Proof of Bonds before choosing to travel with him, Heintz protects Firis from a monster that attacks the two while traveling. Firis decides that moment to confess her feelings to him as the scene ends.


He will join anytime at level 10 when the player approaches the southeastern campfire in Parched Plains.

Weapons Edit

Heintz fights with daggers in battle as his main weapon. He can also use bows and swords as secondary weapons.

His normal attacks affect a small area of enemies.

Armors Edit

He can equip light and medium armors.

Items Edit

Skills Edit

Active skills Edit

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Fast Cut Default 0 MP Dagger normal attack. Small enemy area Slashing
Quick Robber Default 9 MP Swings dagger quickly, dealing slashing damage to target. Also loot an item. (Does not work on non-normal loot.) Single enemy Slashing
Blink Step 15 MP Temporarily increases the speed of actions, allowing the taking of turns quicker. Self Magic

Passive skills Edit

Skill Learning condition Description
Instant Power Reduces wait time after all actions by 20%, and greatly increases the success chance of running away.
Monster Knowledge Attack against animal and plant type monsters are always critical hits.
Predator's Nose Increases chance of obtaining loot from battle by 25%, and increases the damage of critical hits by 20%.
Weak Maker Increases the power of negative effects by 50%.

Chain skills Edit

Skill % chain Description
Support Guard Defense Shield Firis, taking damage in her place. Reduces the damage taken by 50%.
Slash x3 130% Deals powerful slashing attribute damage to the target, and also causes strong damage over time.
Slash x∞ 150% Deals powerful slashing attribute damage to target. Also causes very strong damage over time.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although he's a character that doesn't appear in the game without having installed the corresponding DLC, he has his own events and is voiced like any other playable character.


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