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"My purpose for existing is to work for my master. Please, give me an order."
— Hom, Atelier Rorona

Hom refers to a type of homunculus created by the great alchemist Astrid.

Like Chim, Homs are an artifical humanoid created through alchemy. They are highly intelligent and capable of speech, unlike Chim. As human as they may seem to be, Homs speak in a flat, monotonous tone and lack complex emotions. They live only to please their masters, and follow any instruction given to them. Like Chims, they collect ingredients for synthesizing and help their master synthesize items. Unlike Chims, however, they do not require any reward or incentive to work.  

The only person capable of making a Hom is Astrid. They are nearly impossible to create, and require genius alchemy skills to perfect. Hom is created for Rorona after Astrid asks her if she'd prefer a brother or sister in Atelier Rorona . Astrid purposely creates Hom an inch and a half taller than Rorona's best friend Cordelia to mock Cordelia's short height. In Atelier Meruru , Astrid has created another Hom, and has both a male and female.

The ingredients behind a Hom's creation seems to be a mystery. Astrid insists that she made Hom using her own set of ingredients that differ from the ones that Rorona read in the book "How To Make a Homonculus." 

Hom seems to have a special connection to cats. When interacting with a cat, a Hom seems to portray human emotions.


Atelier Rorona[]

Hom acts as an aid for Rorona, and was created by Astrid for this purpose. During the course of the game Astrid asks Rorona if she was an only child, which Rorona was. Astrid then asks her if she ever wanted a sibling, where upon the player is given a choice for Rorona to either say a little brother or a little sister. This choice determines what gender Hom will be when it is revealed later on.

Hom was programmed by Astrid to assist Rorona in the workshop. It can either be instructed to gather ingredients from a chosen area, until Hom's basket is full or synthesise items for a set number of days, which saves Rorona using her days to make items. When asked to gather, Hom will return to the workshop when its basket is full. Hom's basket has a larger capacity than Rorona's initial one, being able to carry 80 items. Rorona can then take these items from Hom, or give it others. Hom can synthesise items with the ingredients in its basket. Just like Rorona, Hom has an alchemy level which increases the more it synthesises. However, unlike Rorona, Hom does not learn new items to synthesise through recipes, but learns new ones the more it synthesises.

Atelier Meruru[]

The two homunculi, both known by the name Hom, aids Meruru in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland. The two arrived to the workshop together with Rorona and Astrid. The Homs can aid the player by synthesizing items or gather ingredients. The Homs also appear in several events and endings.


  • Outfits based on the Atelier Meruru version of the Homs is featured as DLC outfits in another Gust game illustrated by Mel Kishida, Blue Reflection. The two twin characters Yuzuki and Lime can each wear either the male or female Hom's outfit.
  • A bug is present in the DX version of Atelier Rorona where the voice lines of female Hom wouldn't play when choosing the English voice option.