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Item duplication is a feature present through the Atelier series. It allows the player to obtain copies of an item, which saves time and resources.

In some titles, it is considered a form of alchemy.


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The homunculi in the Administration Office at Colseit's city hall can duplicate items if paid with sweets (which can be obtained through Solle's requests). The duplication process takes days that, for higher level items, will be longer. Also, in the same duplication request, the player can choose the amount of items they want to obtain (more items in the same request will increase the time). The base time is 5 days.

The categories of items and the sweets they require are:

Category Sweets
Ingredients Melting Jewels
Attack items Dried Taro Chips
Heal items Cloud Financier
Support items Preserved Biscuit
Synthesis items Sweet Stump

At first, only 3 duplication requests can be made at once. This can be expanded up to 10 with researchs. The researchs that increase the number of requests that can be made are:

  • Homunculus Logic: increases the limit to 5.
  • Homunculus Allies: increases the limit to 7.
  • Homunculus Friend: increases the limit to 10.

In the Request List, the player can track down the requests made and the time left and retrieve the completed requests. Also, by paying more sweets, the time can be decreased, being even possible to obtain the item instantly.

Weapons, armors, accessories and other special items can't be duplicated.

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