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"A treasure hunter looking to get rich for her sister"
— Official description

Jurie Crotze is a character in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.

She is a treasure hunter who dreams of striking it rich so she and her sister Miruca can pay off their debt. She is a bit of a loner who enjoys the outdoors but also enjoys reading and writing.



Jurie uses twin swords.


Jurie can equip jackets like the Windbreaker, and Agile Coat


Active skills[]

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Unseen Attack Starts with skill 0 MP Normal attack. Single enemy Physical
Smoke Bomb Starts with skill 18 MP Fire Damage. Chance to Blind. Small enemy area Fire
Stealth Level 10 21 MP Physical damage. Activates 1 time card (only effective while in front line). Single enemy Physical
Manhunt Level 15 28 MP Physical damage + continuous damage. Small enemy area Physical
Arm Swipe Level 20 41 MP Physical damage (strengthened by any over time effects on the target). Reduces Critical rate by 33%. Single enemy Physical
Unseen Hands Level 25 30 MP Physical damage (strengthened by any damage over time effects on the target). Increases enemy item drop rate. Single enemy Physical
Stink Bomb 20 MP Reduces attack power Small enemy area Fire
Soul Hunter Physical damage. Chance to instantly kill. Small enemy area Physical
Unseen End
Fatal Blow Level 30 0 MP Ultimate attack

Passive skills[]

Skill Learning condition Description
Adventurer's Eye Level 10 Accuracy +50%, Evasion +10%
Poker Face Level 15 Reduces the effectivness of turn delaying


Survivor Level 20 Increase MP regen in rear line,

Recovers HP

Lore Master Level 25 Increases damage agaisnt Elementals

Assist skills[]

Skill Learning condition Description Attribute
Assist Attack - Additional attack. Trade places with front line unit.
Vital Stab - Occurs when being the 2nd assist in a row. Continuous damage. Physical
Killing Sword - Occurs when being the 3rd assist in a row Physical
Assist Guard - Takes damage in place of the front line character. Reduces damage by 30% and the character will survive with 1 HP even if the attack would otherwise result in a KO. Defend

Events (spoilers + incomplete)[]

Chapter Location Which Shallie? Description
One Hunter's Hangout Shallistera Alone in a crowd
One Hunter's Hangout Shallistera Jurie wants to find

a Ghost Ship

Two/Three Union Shallistera She requests 2 medicine

through the union.

Two/Three Hunter's Hangout Shallistera Give Shallie a small relic

for completing her request

Three Hunter's Hangout Shallistera Jurie tells Shallie why she

decided to help her.

Four Miruca's Workshop Shallistera Jurie is worried about


Five Hunter's Hangout Shallotte Shallie thinks that Jurie

is scary

Five Union Both? Jurie has an interesting

note-taking hobby


  • She is seen wearing glasses while helping out in Miruca's Atelier.