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Katharina Tracken is a character appearing in Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Katharina is a warrior from the small kingdom Massen, to the east of the kingdom of Kanalland. When she was small her mother used to read her the story "The Knight of Massen" every day. Despite that the people around her only said that the story of the knight is a legend, Katharina is now searching for the knight who had saved her kingdom.

Katharina has incredible luck and is able to find rare items on the roadside while travelling.[1] She is first met when traveling to Fasbinder.

Although it is not stated, judging by her description of the knight, the knight she is looking for is Enderk. The knight was a young boy about 20~30 years ago, and Enderk's age is between 38~39 in Viorate, so it fits her explanation corretly. Furthermore, Katarina's final skill's explanation is: "An ultimate skill used by a far-away kingdom", which is Eizenlkampf, a skill Enderk uses and Katarina probably copied the skill from seeing Enderk.


Katharina can be hired as a party member, can shop at Viorate's shop and also act as a clerk for Vio's shop. When she is shopping as a customer, she finds the rarity of an item important[2] although she doesn't have much money.

She can be hired as a clerk for a cost of 600 cole per month[3], making her the most expensive clerk. She will often sell items at a reduced price, which may be good for Vio's reputation.


Katharina starts at level 11 and can be hired for a wage ranging from 42-20 cole.[4] She uses swords for weaponry and can equip clothing, light armor, light shields and heavy shields as armor.[5]


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description


16 50 LP Damages a horizontal row of enemies



Starting level 40 MP Causes lightning damage to an enemy


Starting level 44 MP



40 Ultimate attack. Does great damage to an enemy's LP and HP.


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