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Klaudia's Courage (クラウディアの勇気, Kuraudia no Yūki) is the seventh episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Upon returning home, Klaudia was met by her Father, who expressed his concern for her, noting the frequent earthquakes the island suffers from. Klaudia explained to her father that she was out again with Ryza, but her father advised her to stay away from anything dangerous. Inside her room, Klaudia looked outside her window and then at a bow and arrow set by her dresser.

The following day, Klaudia visits Empel's home and asks Lila to teach her archery. Lila noted that Lubart had informed her that Klaudia was already good at it, but she wanted to be brave enough to face off against monsters so that she could join Ryza's adventures. Chiming in, Empel detailed they're going to the other island to investigate it and cannot help train her. Disappointed, Klaudia tried to leave, and Lila informed her that although she couldn't personally train her, she could at least teach her how to train alone.

Time passes, and Klaudia does archery training in a forest, all while Ryza and her friends practice and study in their respective endeavors. Eventually, Klaudia meets with Ryza, who was excited to hear that Empel approved her to use the atelier on the island as he had deemed it safe. They're then met by Romy, who asks Klaudia to try on a dress for her, noting it's to help fulfill a client's request. The client was Jonna, who appeared before them and imposed her selfish desire for Klaudia to be the model for her dress request. A friend of Jonna's was getting married soon, which had her ripe with envy as she wanted to find her own "prince". Realizing she had to buy more makeup, Jonna leaves, but thanks Klaudia for "agreeing" to her request. As it turns out, Klaudia formally agreed to the request, but asked for Ryza's assistance, which Romy allowed, under the condition that Lila also joins in.

Afterward, Klaudia and Riza visit Lila, who flatly rejects helping them with the dress as she was tired from the investigative work that she did earlier in the day. Hence, the two manage to entice Lila to try it on coyly. However, when she does, Lila breaks one of the brooches. Empel then appears and gives the distraught Riza some good news that she can use the off-island atelier, but warns her not to go outside of where the warding flower is. Happy to hear that Ryza planned to use the atelier to repair the broken brooch.

The next day, Ryza, Lent, and Tao head to the island together. At the same time, Klaudia stayed home to continue practicing her archery, as her father secretly watched her.

Arriving on the island and at the atelier, Ryza successfully synthesized the broken brooch using the other one as a basis. Said brooch would be sewn back on its dress by Klaudia. Once Klaudia did that, Ryza noticed that her finger was swollen; she claimed it was from playing her flute too much. Hence, Ryza offers Klaudia some Blessing Ointment for it.

Sometime later, the dresses that Romy made are showcased to Jonna, with Klaudia, Ryza, and Lila as their models. Thoroughly impressed with the dresses, Jonna purchased them all and planned to leave the island immediately to find her "prince". In Jonna's opinion, she had to be courageous and honest with herself, which resonated with Klaudia.

When Klaudia and Ryza part ways with Jonna and Romy, Klaudia informed Ryza of her desire to join Ryza on her adventures. Despite Ryza being perfectly fine with the request, Lubart was absolutely against it because of the dangers it imposed on his daughter. Furthermore, he chastises Ryza for negatively influencing his daughter despite his former favorable opinions of her. On the other hand, Klaudia defends Ryza, noting she's a capable individual and that she can prove it, which Lubart agrees to, but notes that if she fails, they can no longer be friends. Klaudia agrees to her father's terms, and Lubart imposes a challenge on Ryza, and she accepts it.

After fetching Lentz and Tao; Ryza and the group are led down to the basement of Klaudia's manor, where Lubart explained his challenge to fix the leak in the basement. Locating a hole in the floor that was created by the recent earthquake, Ryza creates something to plug in the hole and then pumps out the water from the area. Accomplishing this made Ryza pass Lubart's first task, and Ryza understood that Lubart wouldn't be convinced by finishing one task.

Later, Ryza and the group talk outside about how they'll accomplish their next task when they're met by Bos and Lumbar. Bos disparages the group causing Lent to confront him, and Klaudia asks why he acts so rudely toward them. Bos answers the group only talks about their dreams and does nothing about them. Ryza then intervenes and promises to prove Bos wrong, and he upsettingly rebukes the remark and walks away with Lumbar by his side. With newfound determination, the group plan to utilize what they've learned thus far in their training to prove Bos wrong and pass Lumbar's next request.