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Kurken Island is an island in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

This place is positioned in the southernmost part of the Roteswasser Kingdom. It is on a lake with an outlet to the sea. The island normally experiences regular droughts year-round but there is water source provided (and controlled by the Brunnen Family). Their main export is wheat and Kurken fruit (which is known as Luceaux in the mainlands), which are largely grown by the Stout family and local farmers.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Before the Ravaging Queen destroyed the research base of the Klint Kingdom, their alchemists at the Holy Tower of Pynnor had created an artificial island where they can evacuate their remaining people so that their whole heritage would not be decimated. This island is called the Kurken Island. What made it artificial and different is that through the power of alchemy, they created a power core further deep in the bunker that can make the whole island float. Initially they have also developed desalination machines from the island's fountains so they can sustain a water source but over time it deteriorated and unable to do so, resulting in the reliance of a water generating orb found by an ancestor of the Brunnen family.

As time passes, the power core also continuously degenerated, making the island sink little by little, which changes the tide's shift slowly in the island in the time of the game.

Ryza and her friends finds a way to replace the old power source and through Alchemy, they obtained a new power source that would sustain the island floating for around 100 years, as well as restarted the desalination machines around the town (which is the massive fountains found in Bosen District's Steeple Reservoir and Treppe Hill's Fountain), removing the island's dependence on the Brunnen family's water.

Village of Rasenboden[]

An old map depicting the Village of Rasenboden.

Although the island is known geographically as the Kurken Island, the residents called the village itself as Rasenboden. That is then split into two main districts, which are Rasen and Boden. There are also additional places located at the island such as the Secluded Farm (where most farms and livestock are found), Old Town (a declining district filled with old houses), Treppe Hill (Brunnen Household's area) and Kurken Port (where the mainland connects with the island by boat).

The Stout family lives in Rasen District. The Marslink Family lives in Boden District, the Valentz Household temporarily lives in the Old Town (and for a short time, Empel and Lila too), and the Brunnen Family lives at the top of the Treppe Hill.

Kurken Bunker[]

The control center inside the Kurken Bunker.

The true nature of the Kurken Island lies underneath the bellows of the large monument. Inside, there is a massive storage that can fit a lot of people that can serve as a safe fortification. As it originally serves as an evacuation from the demise from the Philuscha attack, the Klint Academy also made this through the powerful use of alchemy. Lying further deep underground, there is a core-functioned control center, that has the power to move the entire island. Moreover, that same device has been making the entire island float above the lake since its inception.