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Lent Marslink is one of the main playable characters in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout and Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

Lent is a childhood friend of Ryza and Tao, who, together, aims to venture out to the mainland and explore the world out from their homeland. Furthermore, as an aspiring adventurer, he wants to be a known man who travels past the restricted and unknown places of which no one ever been before so that he can be acknowledged for who he can become, and overshadow his now drunk downtrodden father.

He acts as the muscleman of the group, often which is physical embodiment that mostly helps out from strenuous or heavy tasks involved. For a period of time, Lila Decyrus trains Lent so he can become more stronger.

Lent can be played as the center character on his own DLC Episode: True Strength.


Atelier Ryza[]

Lent is an automatic playable character at the start. His arc mostly revolves around making himself stronger than his father, Samuel Marslink, who physically abuses him especially when he is drunk. Moreover, because of his father mostly being drunk (which results from him being an inconvenience to the villagers), he has this unconditional responsibility to take care of Samuel's mess and apologize on behalf. Because of this inequality, he set a goal to embark a journey to get to the tower seen far from the island to be the first person to get there, so that he can be accepted for who he is as himself.

As the story progresses, Lent becomes stronger and can actually be able to keep up on his father, Samuel. He also mentions recently his father has becoming less aggressive, and points out in contemplation that this might be because he had left the island and defeated a dragon, earning a little respect from him.

His main goal is soon accomplished when they were able to visit the tower, called the the Holy Tower of Pynnor, that he longed to venture, but due to the circumstances surrounding it and the future he must take for the better of his island, he realized that adventures are all about challenges and excitement, and not doing it for people's approval.

His development further succeeded just before the battle with the Ravaging Queen when he beat his own father in a match in his home, finally becoming independent from him.


Atelier Ryza[]

Lent will be on the party from the start of the game. He tends to get higher stats on Attack and HP but based on the role you've given him he can have high Defense as well. Also, he can only carry one item, and the only character to do so. His attribute is Lightning. While his active skills relies more on hitting single enemies, his passive ones strategies more on resistance from attacks.

Active Skills[]

Skill Learning condition AP Cost Description Target Attribute
Martial Arts Level 1 Basic Attack Deals physical damage to a single target and recovers AP. Single Enemy Physical
Blood Thrust Level ?? 5 AP Deals physical damage to the target.
(Tactic lvl 2+ = Reduce target's ATK)
(Tactic lvl 4+ = Heals you for a percentage on damage dealt)
Small Enemy Physical
Excel Drive Level ?? 3 AP Deals physical damage to the target.
(Tactic lvl 5+ = Ignore target's defense)
Single enemy Physical
War Cry Level ?? 4 AP Reduces your DEF but increases your skill damage.
(Tactic lvl 4+ = Nullifies any DEF debuff)
Self Physical
Thunder Blade Level ?? 3 AP Deals lightning-based physical damage to multiple targets.
(Tactic lvl 3+ = Has a good chance to inflict paralyze)
(Tactic lvl 5+ = Increases this chance)
Multiple enemies Physical (Lightning)


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