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Logix "Logy" Ficsario is one of two protagonists in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky and appears in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

He was later added as a playable character in the plus version of Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, but was not available in the original version.

In the Dusk series, Logy is an alchemist and new government official working for the development team of the Colseit Branch. He was officially assigned to the team at the same time as Escha Malier, and the two will work together. Logy is a serious and "down-to-earth" person, but is also very kind. He has a burn scar on his right arm, and he seems to avoid talking about his past in Central. He is also somewhat of a perfectionist, sometimes being shown organizing things often and cleaning the workshop from top to bottom.

He makes free use of the latest style of an "alchemic sword", an improved version of an artifact that was excavated from the ruins that combines the art of swordplay and alchemy. His hobby is to create various such swords.


Atelier Escha & Logy[]

The player can choose Logy as the protagonist of the game. If chosen as protagonist, Logy will be the character the player will take the role of and control through the game. The game will also focus more on the world and involve several serious-like scenarios. Logy's scenarios are described as being targeted to RPG-players in general.

If not chosen as protagonist, Logy will be available as a party member and it will still be possible to use Logy's Training synthesis, and equip him with usable items.

Logix is an alchemist from Central City that traveled to the remote town Colseit in order to work for their development team. He heard about the lack of people in Colseit from an acquaintance, and decided to come to the town.

Eventually, his past is revealed when everyone starts planning to create a Dreadnaught to reach the Unexplored Ruins, when he is confronted by Micie about what happened. Escha overhears this before he decides to tell her back at the workshop. Long before Logy came to Colseit, he used to work as an alchemist developing airships in Central. Happy for being recognized, he worked hard on a new airship engine. However, he felt that his mechanic colleagues didn't understand his work, lost trust in them, and continued to research on his own without listening to their feedback. After his research failed and caused a great fire accident, he left the city out of guilt for his close friend got very injured.

Atelier Shallie[]

In the original PS3 version of Atelier Shallie, Logy's only appearance was in the ending and the second opening and credits movie.

In Atelier Shallie Plus, Logy's role was heavily revised and became a playable party member, as well as taking up a more active role in the story. After the Shallies defeat the Sand Dragon, Central dispatches Logy to the Stellard Branch to assist with exporing the natural phenomena in the region. Before he leaves Colseit, Clone gives him the seed Flameu left them at the end of Atelier Escha & Logy Plus/DX, passing along Flameu's message that her seed will be needed where Escha is. Logy is first seen checking in with Solle in the Union before reuniting with Escha and joining the party for their investigation of the Eastern Continent.

Atelier Sophie[]

Logix appears in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. He happens to know Sophie for a long time. Logix is the blacksmith of Kirchen Bell and the player can create and strengthen weapons at his shop, as well as buy materials and, to a lesser degree, weapons. Because of his travels, he knows of cultures outside of Kirchen Bell and points Corneria in the right direction of her father's origins.

Later on, Logix starts to lack inspiration for new weapons and asks Sophie if she could bring materials that can inspire him. This event allows the player to craft powerful weapons with Forgotten materials.

Atelier Firis[]

In Atelier Firis, Logix has left Kirchen Bell and has now opened a blacksmith shop in Flussheim. In his shop, the player can buy materials and weapons but, unlike in Sophie, new weapons are crafted in the cauldron with alchemy rather than being made by him.

He plays a minor role by giving advice to Firis when she's looking for a way to build a ship to cross the waterspout in the lake.


Atelier Escha & Logy[]

Regardless of the main character chosen, Logy will be in the party since the beginning, at level 1. Logy is stronger than Escha in all stats except in MP, fire resistance, and water resistance, but he is not exceptionally strong in any stat. Like Escha, Logy can use items in battle, but is not as powerful as her with using items. Together with Escha, he can use "Double Draw", allowing the player to let Escha and Logy use one attack item each in the same action.

Outside of his alchemy abilities, he possess many skills as well. Unlike the other non-alchemist playable characters, he does not possess any Finishing Strikes.


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Escha & Logy)

Logy uses his alchemic sword as a weapon in battle along with various crystallized forms of nature's power known as "Blitz Cores", an exclusive alchemy item only Logy can use. The Blitzes are merely catalysts, and require a specialized alchemy device (his gauntlet) to activate.

Name Lv HP MP ATK DEF SPD RES Effects Traits Recipe
Phantom Saber 2 - - 8 - - -
Glass Shaker 10 - - 16 - - -
Black Wing Veil 17 - 10 25 - - -
Crystal Fang 27 - 10 37 5 5 -
Proto Phantom 38 - - 53 - 25 F: 20
W: 20
A: 20


He can equip clothes and light armors.


Logy's exclusive items are:


Active skills[]
Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
High Strike Level 7 12 MP Deals physical damage to the target with a high critical chance. Single enemy Physical
Flash Cut Level 15 16 MP Deals physical damage to the target. Small enemy area Physical
Dual Blast Level 25 28 MP Physical damage as well as continuous damage dependent on wait time. Single enemy Physical
Passive skills[]
Skill Learning condition Description
Analyze Skill Level 10 Increases hit chance and critical hit chance.
Leadership Level 20 Increases effectiveness of all support skills.
Chain skills[]
Skill Learning condition Support Gauge consumption Description Target
Support Guard Default 1/2 point Protects the target from an enemy attack and reduces damage. Single ally
Hard Guard "Linked Guards" research 1/2 point Strengthens Support Guard to reduce damage by 50%. Single ally
Support Attack Default 1 point An additional attack. Later attacks will cause more damage. Single enemy
Stun Blow "Linked Attacks" research 1 point Delays the target’s turn a small amount when using a Support Attack. Single enemy
Thunder Fall After 6th character joins 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Wind damage and you have a chance to immediate take another turn. Single enemy
Plasma Break "Linked Specials" research 1 point, 200% Damage Rate Special Support. Deals wind damage to the target, and allows you to take another turn. Medium enemy area

Atelier Shallie Plus/DX[]

Logy joins at the beginning of Chapter 7 at level 35. Unlike in Atelier Escha & Logy, Logy cannot use items in Atelier Shallie Plus/DX. Some of his skills reprise from his home game, and he joins with more Blitz skills such as Phantom Blitz and Primal Blitz in his arsenal.

Logy has two ultimate moves: Tausend Blitz, his solo ultimate move, and Double Draw End, which he and Escha execute if they are both in the party and in the frontline.





Logix's alchemy differs from Escha's, and they use different tools to synthesize. He has studied Central City's modern alchemy (which requires specialized tools), but is not very familiar with ancient alchemy (which requires only a cauldron).

In game, the skill he uses is known as "Imbue", which is a technique that allow the user to create and upgrade weapon and armor equipment. Logix gains alchemy levels and abilities at the same rate as Escha, and those are shared between the two. In fact, synthesis and imbue work the same, being the only difference in the items they create.

He is also in charge of the dismantler, a tool that allows the user to disassemble items. This process, however, doesn't involve alchemy level and is done semi-automatically.

Alchemy skills[]

Active skills[]

These skills can be used during imbue when selected. They can only be used once per imbue, but their effects accumulate (meaning that, for example, if both "Quantity 1" and "Quantity 2" are used during a synthesis, the quantity increases by 3 in total). The points needed to use them are obtained by introducing the materials during the imbue process.

Skill Learning condition SP cost Description
CP Recovery+ 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 fire point Adds 10 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
CP Recovery+ 2 Alchemy Level 14 2 fire points Adds 25 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
CP Recovery+ 3 Alchemy Level 31 3 fire points Adds 50 to CP value. There is no limit to this effect.
Power+ 1 Alchemy Level 20 3 fire points Doubles the selected item's Attribute value.
Power+ 2 Alchemy Level 34 5 fire points Triples the selected item's Attribute value.
Draw Property Alchemy Level 26 2 fire points Forces the next Property Bonus to be drawn.
Conversion 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 water point Adds 1 point to another attribute.
Conversion 2 Alchemy Level 16 2 water points Adds 2 points to another attribute.
Conversion 3 Alchemy Level 28 3 water points Adds 3 points to another attribute.
Crafting Help 1 Alchemy Level 10 1 water point Reduces CP consumption by the selected item by 50%.
Crafting Help 2 Alchemy Level 22 2 water points Reduces CP consumption by the selected item by 75%.
Crafting Help 3 Alchemy Level 32 3 water points Reduces CP consumption by the selected item to 0.
Division Alchemy Level 17 2 wind points Splits item, allowing it to be used again. CP cost remains same.
Perfect Division Alchemy Level 33 4 wind points Splits the selected item, allowing it to be added again.
Compression Alchemy Level 29 3 wind points Reduces crafting time by 1 day.
Reset Attribute Alchemy Level 37 1 wind point Reduces attribute on completed item to 0 and adds value to another attribute.
Absorbs Attribute 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 wind point Adds 20% of current total attribute value to the effect value.
Absorbs Attribute 2 Alchemy Level 23 3 wind points Adds 50% of current total attribute value to the effect value.
Effect+ 1 Alchemy Level 8 1 earth point Increases effect value on the completed item by 5.
Effect+ 2 Alchemy Level 13 2 earth points Increases effect value on the completed item by 10.
Effect+ 3 Alchemy Level 25 3 earth points Increases effect value on the completed item by 25.
Quantity 1 Alchemy Level 19 3 earth points Increases quantity of the completed item by 1.
Quantity 2 Alchemy Level 35 5 earth points Increases quantity of the completed item by 2.
Strengthen Material "M. Superiority" research 1 of each element points Increases attribute value of selected item by 100% and effect value by 25.
Full Power "World System" research 2 of each element points Increases all attributes of completed item by 50% and effect value by 50.

Passive skills[]

These skills are active in every imbue upon learning them.

Skill Learning condition Description
Expert Skill Alchemy Level 30 Dramatically increases Cost Poin (CP).
Quick Synthesis Alchemy Level 25 Decreases synthesis time.
Inherit Synthesis Alchemy Level 20 Properties on used materials can be carried over.
Manifest Property Alchemy Level 15 Reveals hidden properties on the crafted item.
Bonus Generation Alchemy Level 8 Creates an attribute bonus and allows skills to be used.
Freestyle Alchemy Level 8 Allows materials to be added in any order for better synthesis control.
Inherit Apprentice Alchemy Level 18 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 5.
Inherit Journeyman Alchemy Level 24 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 10.
Inherit Master Alchemy Level 33 Base PP for property inheritance increases by 20.

Character Events[]

Main article: Events - Logy

Logy has 6 character events in total, which can be seen when Logy is the chosen protagonist.


  • In Lucille's character events, it is revealed that he used to argue with his parents often, and that he used to collect figurines in the past.
  • When asked in an interview in vol.543 of the magazine Dengeki PlayStation(電撃PlayStation, dengeki playstation) which character of the game they would like to compose a character song for if they could, both members of ACRYLICSTAB answered that they would like to compose one for Logy.
  • Logix came in third place in Gamer's Atelier Escha & Logy character popularity voting[3].
  • Logix is the most recent character to appears in two different Atelier series (Dusk series and Mysterious series).
  • No last name for him is stated in Atelier Sophie and Atelier Firis, his name is simply Logix, but he's still called by his nickname "Logy".