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Lolotte Stasille is a playable character in Atelier Lise: The Alchemist of Orde.

She is daughter to one of the richest men in Orde, and has a reputation of being extremely charming. Her beauty hasn't gone unnoticed around Orde, although Lolotte herself hopes to one day marry Prince Joel. She is good friends with Princess Lulu, who supports her dream as it would mean she would be able to meet her friend more often. After eventually meeting with Prince Joel and going on a date with him, however, Lolotte changes her mind after finding Joel to be too "chidish."

Although she is the same age as Lisette Lander, she is sophisticated and mature, making her seem much more like an adult. She mistakes Lise as a boy when they first meet, and often scolds her for her tomboyish looks and poor sense of style. The two get along, however, and Lolotte shares Lise's passion for money. Lolotte also gets along well with Alf.

Lolotte knows well how to use her femininity to her advantage and encourages Lise to do the same, with poor results. She expects men to treat women especially nice and pay for the things they want, et cetera. She also wouldn't marry anyone who isn't both good-looking and rich.



Lolotte fights with swords as a weapon. For armor, she can equip clothes, light armor and fancy clothes.


Level 1 Stats:

Stat Value
HP 62
PA 28
MA 18
SPD 33
PD 25
MD 26

Level 50 Stats:

Stat Value
HP 900
PA 400
MA 350
SPD 330
PD 300
MD 320


Skill Name Level Learned Description Activation
Shadow Slash 5 Hits all enemies on screen for 110% damage. Wait 3 turns to activate, can use every 3 turns afterwards.
Charm Dance 25 Ups stats by 25%. Defend twice to activate. Can be used up to 3 times in battle. Effect lasts 5 times. Will be canceled if a technique is used.
Mistral Blow 40 Hits x3 for 180% magical attack. Can be used up to 3 times in one battle.