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Marion Quinn is a supporting character in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk and Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky.

Marion is an experienced government official who started to work for the government in her teens. She left her mysterious homeland with her bodyguard Linca who she now travels everywhere with. She is a determined young woman who works hard to achieve her goals. She has a weakness for anything "cute". 


Atelier Ayesha[]

Marion first appears as a mysterious young woman who is trying to get into the ruins of Regina's hometown. Because she is a woman, she is denied entry, but swears that she'll be back. Ayesha admires her abilities to stand up to people, which is something Ayesha herself is not able to do. 

When Ayesha meets Marion again, Marion reveals that she was sent on an internal investigation of the ruins in the area. She doesn't reveal much about what it is that she is actually looking for, but she seems very interested in every ruin in the area. She travels with her bodyguard Linca, and has a weakness for cute things. Marion is determined to produce good results from her findings, but often gets fired up when she thinks about how much work she is having to do on her own. 

She has her own office in Vierzeberg that Ayesha can visit. She calls on Ayesha's help for the first time to investigate Hallos Village. This is when Marion entrusts Linca to take care of Ayesha on the mission. Marion hopes that Linca can make friends and learn about simple social situations by travelling with Ayesha and her party. As much as she cares for Linca, Marion finds it frustrating to try and teach Linca new things.

She occasionally acts as a judge during the 'Treasure Trove Contest.' She can become a party member by purchasing downloadable content.

Atelier Escha & Logy[]

After the end of a mission in a remote area, Marion's achievements with her investigation was recognized. Just as she was about to return to the Center, she was assigned a new mission in another remote area, and became the leader of the development team of the Colseit Branch.[1]

She supports Escha and Logy as the leader of the development team[2]. All assignments must be reported to Marion for completion each term. Research can also be purchased through Marion.


In Atelier Ayesha, Marion is available as a playable party member by purchasing downloadable content. She becomes recruitable after the event "Report on Hallos Village" is cleared and can be invited from her office. She fights by using dual wielding pistols in battle and her attack and skills often hits her opponents multiple times, making her an ideal attacker if equipped properly.

Her "Super Move" in the game is Cross Fire: By using the ricocheting bullets from her duel pistols to launch the enemy high into the air, she deals huge damage by shooting the helpless enemy multiple times while they're in the air before finishing it with one last shot. Its attribute is Physical, targets single enemy and hits for 26x HIT.




Skill Level Learned MP Usage Skill Description
Multi Shot Starting level. 6 MP Deal PH and Fire damage to a target.
Clear Shot 12 MP Deal Fire damage to a medium area. May inflict Hold.
Aim Shot 8 MP Deal higher PH damage to a target with status aliments.
Leap Shot 21 MP Deal PH damage to a small area. Effect will repeat again later.
Worker's Soul Starting level. N/A Chance of keeping 1 HP when KO'd in battle.
Quick Draw Starting level. N/A Shorten the WT when using a skill by 20%
Pursuit Starting level. 1 AC Additional attack from the front.
Protect Starting level. 1 AC Protect an ally.
Disperse Starting level. 1 AC Take on a ranged attack to protect allies.
Back Attack Starting level. 1 AC Get behind the enemy to perform a back attack.
Restraint Shot 2.5 AC Stop a target's action. Invalid on strong enemies.
Quick Shot 2.5 AC Deal PH and Fire damage to a small area.
Cross Fire 30 N/A Marion's "Super Move", requires full special attack gauge. Deals huge PH damage to a target.