Muppy Oktavia Vonderchek VIII
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Appearances Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
Voice Cho (Japanese)

Muppy is a character in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis.

He is an alien dug up from the Mana Ruins who was supposed to be turned in as an assignment. Tony up and try to take him, but Vayne and his party beat him to the ruins and take him back to their workshop.

He and Nikki have this hatred for each other, but he becomes quite attached to Jess. If you complete all his character quests, he will be the one the to convince Vayne to not disappear before the final battle.

Character QuestsEdit

Chapter OneEdit

In Chapter One, Muppy devices a plan to take control of the school. He asks Vayne if he could show him around the campus, and Jess and Nikki tag along as they show Muppy around the Campus. He will scan the Athanor, music room and the campus grounds. He seems to recognize the Symbol of Uroburos when he sees it, but doesn't disclose this to the group. Jess explains to him that it is supposed to show a snake eating itself. When he hears this, he is disgusted and faints.

After recovering, they follow him to the cafeteria and he will thank the group for showing him around. Jess will then ask if she could touch "it". Muppy realizes that she meant the "crown" (the pompom on his head) and starts to squeeze it. Nikki, Jess, and Vayne will start squeezing it, saying that it's so squishy when Muppy's "defense mechanism" activates. All three of his tour guides run out and an explosion occurs.

The Vice Principal walks up and asks them if this student who flew into her office window was part of their workshop. They complain that Muppy exploded himself and they should not be punished. Nonetheless, they were tasked with the repair of the cafeteria.


Muppy is quite exceptional at synthesizing metals and crystals and is the only one that can float without the aid of a mana. His pot, like Jess's bag, seems to have the ability to store large amounts of objects with varying sizes, as seen when he uses Change!, Flying Pot, his defense support ability, King's Protection, and his finishing burst, Ruler's Prison. Muppy has one of the highest HP cap in the game, surpassing Nikki and Flay. He has a very high defensive capabilities, and difficult to kill. His damage, however isn't as good as the other three mages. He is a Puni Striker, making him quite useful against these enemies. This is further improved by his ability to change enemies into Punis.


at the resource centre-unorganized zone there are statue of muppy but there are hair under its crown.that probably statue of muppy's uncle an adventurer who lost a long time ago

in MK 2 ,there are spaceship pot enemy,bounty no.0001,the enemwy resembles muppy due to it spaceship shape and it can perform new type KSSM


Skills Table - Grow Book
Name Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
King's Wrath Magic ATK Support Damage with jet eruption. Sleep N/A Single Enemy
King's Protection N/A DEF Support Store everyone in a pot and guard attack for ally. N/A N/A All Allies
Ruler's Prison N/A Magic The pot actually has... Super Damage. Finishing Burst N/A Single Enemy x8 HIT
Change! 40 MP N/A The pot's amazing mechanism changes a monster into a Puni. ATK Skill N/A All Enemies
Flying Pot 100 MP N/A The pot sandwich makes the enemy unable to move. ATK Skill N/A Single Enemy
Revenge Cannon 90 MP Magic The more attacks allies take before activation, the greater the damage. ATK Skill Double Up Skill All Enemies x3 HIT
Good Bye Bomb N/A Fire Auto activated when going unconscious, dealing great damage. Death Skill N/A All Enemies x1 HIT
Impact Heaven 65 MP Magic Make contact with a friend UFO, dealing medium damage. ATK Skill Easier to stun Single Enemy x1 HIT
Muppy Cannon 30 MP Fire Shoots the special bomb of the remaining armor. ATK Skill N/A Range (S) x1 HIT
Muppy Cannon Mk2 56 MP Fire Shoot the special bomb recreated by alchemy, dealing medium damage. ATK Skill N/A Range (M) x1 HIT
New Type "KSMM" 110 MP Fire Deal great damage with Muppy's newly developed weapon. ATK Skill N/A All Enemies x3 HIT
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