Nanaca Gruden is a character appearing in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

Nanaca is a travelling nomad who travels with her herd of cows, as well as her brother Juris. She is first introduced at Half-Florescent Field.

Nanaca is guiding her herd of calfs to various pastures so that they may grow into adult cows. Her nomadic lifestyle has allowed her to learn a lot about caring for cows. She has a special connection with animals, and loves nature. She's sweet, caring, and also very friendly. She is the opposite of her brother, although she insists that he's a nice person once you get to know him.

Just like Ayesha has a special connection to her cow Pana, Nanaca has a special connection to her calf Poro. At pastures, Ayesha lets Pana eat with Nanaca's cows, and the girls always have friendly conversations.

Despite the fact that she loves travelling with her cows, Nanaca admits that the nomadic lifestyle does get lonely and that she has few friends. She becomes particularly lonely after Juris leaves the herd and her cows grow up. In the later years, Nanaca will visit Ayesha at her workshops and make new friends through several events.


Nanaca is travelling cowgirl who Ayesha first encounter at Half Florescent Field. They often encounter each other during their respective travels, and have many friendly conversations. Once a certain event has been seen, the player can also buy and sell items from Nanaca at her location at the world map or field maps. She will mostly sell dairy products, but will also sell a few recipe books that Ayesha can use in her alchemy.

When Nanaca's calf Poro appears to have fallen ill, Ayesha will offer to gather Bitter Moss Grass to use as medicine. The grass is delivered to Nanaca as a normal request at the Oesten Marshland. This will finish up the "Veterinarian" memory, which is required in order to achieve the "Girl's Gathering" ending. After the events with Poro, Nanaca can still be seen at various points of the map travelling with her cows.


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