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Nell Ellis is one of the female protagonists in Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm.

Nell works with her elder sister Yula Ellis as a Raider in Zey Meruze. After getting into a fight with her sister, she joins Edge Vanheit and Iris Fortner in Chapter 3.

Nell is a very energetic girl who lacks seriousness. She tends to say things at the wrong place at the wrong time, although she means well. Like Iris, Nell loves sweet things, like a cake which she called "Nell's Special Caste Cake." Although she isn't the brightest in the group, she cares for her friends more than her own life. She cares deeply for Iris, even referring to her as one of her sisters.

After the events where Iris sacrificed her life to save the world, she rejoins her sister to go back to their home together.


  • Her normal blade's last skill, ein zackslash, is used by Fee and Max (during cinematic) in Atelier Iris: 2 Azoth of Destiny.
  • So far, mana of dream blade is her only outfit which does not reveal her chest and her belly.