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Nicodemus David Dieter is a character in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.


Niko can use as party member, he use Anchor as weapon

Active Skill[]

Title Description MP Level
Brave Stance Cast Brave Stance.Become ther target of enemie's attacks and shorten WT wi=ith every attack that lands while active. 0 N/A
Tidal Anchor Deal physical damage to a single enemy and knock them down. High Faint value 10 N/A
Life Steal Deal physical damage to a single enemy. Recover HP based on the damage dealt. 20 N/A
Iron Shell Apply damage cut(99%/2hits) to yourself. Recover Faint value. 20 N/A
Ocean's Bite(Ultimate Attack) [AP: 100] Deal extra heavy ice damage to a single enemy. Damage is significantly increased against a stunned enemy. 100 AP 50

Assist Skills[]

Title Description Assist Condition MP Level
Blue Orb Increase Max HP of a single ally.Continuously restore HP. Recive a status boost effect 0 N/A
Protection Coin Increase all statuses of a single ally Start the battle with a swing 0 N/A

Passive Skills[]

Title Description MP Level/Unlock
Muscle Head Increase Max HP 0 N/A
Aqua Skin Increase DEF 0 N/A
Muscle Head+ Increase Max HP 0 N/A