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Pamela Ibis (sometimes alternatively spelled as Pamera in promotional material) is a supporting character in Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad and Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Pamela is a ghost living inside a room of the Black Cat Inn (黒猫亭) in Metterburg. No one knows why she is inside the room, or how she became a ghost. Despite this, she's cheerful and seem to even take pride in her identity as a ghost.

In Atelier Viorate, Pamela describes herself as approximately 230 years old, and an energetic ghost. She likes to scare people but to talk to them as well. Pamela can't resist handsome young men, and when she was alive, Pamela was a great fan of the actor Georgius of the Amaryllis Theater[1].

After the events of Atelier Judie, Pamela becomes the speciality of the inn and is also very interested in alchemy after meeting an alchemist.


Atelier Judie[]

After hearing a rumor from a shopkeeper about a ghost, Judith meets the ghost Pamela in her room at the Metterburg Inn. The time Pamela was alive during was close to the time Judith originally came from.

At one point, she possesses a set of armor to scare away bandits attacking a shop.

She does not appear in any of the endings.

Atelier Viorate[]

In Atelier Viorate, Pamela is a ghost living in and working for the Inn Black Cat Inn (黒猫亭), also known as the Ghost Inn (幽霊亭), as she is now the inn's speciality. If the player chooses to sleep at the Black Cat Pavilion in Metterburg, a scene where Pamela is introduced will occur.[2]

When Pamela finds out that Viorate is an alchemist, Pamela offers to follow her on her journey and to be a clerk for her store, and Pamela will become available as a clerk and party member. As in Atelier Judie, Pamela will not have HP or LP in battle, only MP, unlike the other playable characters.


Pamela costs no money to hire as an adventurer[3] and can be hired from the Black Cat Inn in Metterberg. She has many unique characteristics in battle to be aware of before recruiting her. She cannot equip armor or weapons and depends solely on her MP for attacking.[4] She has no HP or LP value, so is invincible to any physical attack damage. However, Pamela can still take damage from magical type damage.[5]

If her friendship isn't high enough and Pamela dies in battle, she will turn into the item "pendelook" and will not appear in the game again. It is recommended to run away in any battle that Pamela becomes incapacitated in if there is an interest in using her in battle again.[6]

Atelier Judie[]


Skill Level Learned MP Consumption Skill Description

Dans Flame

Starting level. 24 Attack a single enemy with a flaming arrow attack for fire damage.
Absorb Starting level. 0 Absorbs MP of chosen target.
Harzinesion 15 5 Confuses an enemy.
Kvek Gilber 30 10 Become invisible, hiding from enemy attacks.


  • When Pamela is hired as clerk in Atelier Viorate, an event may occur where she, similar to in Atelier Judie, scares away bandits from Viorate's shop.
  • Notably, Pamela's first appearances in the Atelier series was in the Gramnad sub-series.
  • Unlike the other ghosts in Atelier Judie, Pamela has a humanoid appearance.
  • As promotion for the Playstation Portable releases of the two games, an official Twitter account for Pamela was made.



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