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Pepperoncino (often referred to as "Pepperoni") is a playable character in Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. He is a member of Ulrika's workshop.

A self-proclaimed fairy, Pepperoni strives to be a great fairy under his master. He was living in the south eastern forest near Al-Revis Academy until Ulrika required his assistance. He leaves the forest and abandons his training to aid Ulrika, but believes that it will be good training for when he can return to his master.

Although indirectly, during the storyline it was revealed that Pepperoni was born not as a mana and as a human since his parents are a human and a mana.

According to his master, Pepperoni becomes really ferocious whenever he feels lonely.

Battle Tips[]

Pepperoni has the greatest physical stats, but never mind the magic stats. His knockback skills are especially useful for its effects and damages. His maximum Support Defense is rather useful, for it can block every physical attacks. However, despite his high physical attack and defense, one must be careful for his magic defense for it is quite low. Initially, he is rather slow, but if the Grow Book is fixed, it will rise up significantly.

Battle Quotes[]

  • "I'm going to do so well!" - First strike
  • "Uh oh, they look tough." - First strike, big enemy
  • "Brace yourself!" - Hyper Pound, Extreme Fairy Swing
  • "Pain go away!" - Hammer Shot
  • "Boom, boom!" - Impact Toss / Dynamic Toss
  • "You!!" - Hammerquake
  • "I'm starting to like the pain..." - Low on HP
  • "This is my time to shine!" - Unite Mode
  • "Is it my turn yet?" - Ready to switch
  • "Got it!" - Support Attack
  • "Come, the ultimate hidden skill! I'll show you what this Mr. Fairy's got!" - Finishing Strike / Fairy Mount Slam
  • "Can you take this!?" - Intimate Strike 2
  • "Take my love!" - Using items
  • "You can't beat me~!" - Victory