Potion of Youth
Potion of Youth
Level 48
Item Category Magic Tool, Elixir
Days 5
Energy Required 24MP
Recipe Abyssal Soul, Elixir x1, Time Lithograph x1, Supplement x1
Base Cost 674 cole
"A magical potion that any girl would die for. It's such a pain to make, and it does NOT taste good. Plus, we still aren't sure about its effects."
Atelier Meruru description

The Potion of Youth is a key item in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

It is a rare and difficult potion to make, and is needed to return Rorona back to her original age. Astrid comes to Arls in order to focus on recreating the potion for Rorona. It is key for the Finally, As Planned and Witch's Tea Party endings. The potion is also desperately sought out by Esty Dee, who wishes to regain her youth. 

After 10/1 of Year 4, an event will take place where Astrid will ask Meruru to test the Potion of Youth that she's created. Panicking at the thought of becoming young again, Meruru accidentally breaks the vial with the potion inside. Being that it is the only potion that Astrid was able to make, she asks Meruru to recreate the Potion of Youth herself.

The first step in recreating the Potion of Youth is to modify the already existing Elixir recipe. After doing a lot of research, Meruru will figure out a way to use ingredients to modify the original Elixir recipe. With a Drachen Elixir, Secret Remedy and Unicorn Horn, Meruru will be able to create her own modified elixir, the Merulixir.

After creating the Merulixir, Meruru will learn find information about a sealed demon that holds the Abyssal Soul, a key item required to create the Potion of Youth. Meruru's task will be to defeat the demon at the Endless Corridor once it has been unlocked to retrieve the Abyssal Soul.

After Meruru defeats the Twilight Maiden and finds the Abyssal Soul, she will be able to create the potion. Once it's been created, she will bring it to Astrid so that she can use the formula and reverse it, which will enable her to make Rorona the right age. Meruru wants to test her own potion however, so gathers Astrid, Totori, Pamela and Hanna at the tavern. While the girls argue over which one will drink the potion, Hagel comes in, overhearing the conversation. He offers to drink the potion, in hopes that it will help him with his hair loss problem.

Ultimately, the effects of Meruru's potion is unknown. After Hagel tries the potion, he claims that the potion was successful and that he can feel his hair coming back. Meruru, however, is disappointed with the results. Esty will come looking for some of the potion some time later, disappointed that she didn't get to try any. In the "Finally, As Planned" ending, Astrid was able to use Meruru's formula to turn Rorona back to her rightful age again. 

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