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Prince Joel is a character appearing in both Atelier Lise: The Alchemist of Orde, and Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island.

Joel is the rightful heir to the throne under his father, King Orde. He is a gentle and kind young man who is also loyal to his people. His good looks and charismatic personality has earned him quite the reputation among the women. He spends his days practicing swordplay and horseback riding. His father wants to set him up in an arranged marriage.


Atelier Lise[]

He seems somewhat interested in an arranged marriage with Lise for an alliance between the two kingdoms. He has caught the attention of many other young women in the kingdom, especially Lolotte Stasille, who is determined to marry him. After his sister Lulu sets them up on a date, however, the two don't hit it off and Lolotte stops pursuing him.

Atelier Annie[]

Joel has still not gotten married during the events of Atelier Annie. There is a big alchemy competition happening on Sera Island, with one of the prizes for winning that competition being the right to marry Prince Joel.