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Below is a list of recipe books found in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Name Level Recipes
Starter Recipes 1 Supplement, Healing Salve, Homemade Pie
Arls's History 5 Bomb, Magic Stone, Herbicide, Kingdom Flag, Living Rope, Hay
Architecture Guide 8 Craft, Polish Powder, Dense Wood, Flour, Zettel
Basket Weaving 11 Basket
Useful Implements 14 Synthesis Piece, Fireproof Plate
Chim Doll Design


Chim Doll
Rorona's Doodles 16 Puni Bomb, Bunny Tail, Thief Bandana, Cream Pie, Mushroom Pie
Me and My Ingot 17 Tinc, Dry Metal, Ster Metal, Platine
Intro to Sewing 17 Muffcot, Silkis, Polywool, Nylonfeather
Frontier Life 18 Dowsing Rod, Sand Bag, Mighty Filter, Useful Tool, Samsara Gear, Wind Controller, Alchemy Steel
Adventurer Recipe 20 Jiggly Pudding, Dragon BBQ, Chaos Conductor, Sky Flame, Nimbus Stone, Animal Resonator
Living Tool Crew 20 Living Hoe, Living Saw, Living Cart, Living Pickaxe, Living Shovel, Magic Sword
Specialty Ideas 21 Jarred Mushroom, Mushroom Stew, Mushroom Bed
Royal Treasures 22 Royal Aroma, Rescue Signal, Alchemy Lamp, Preview Crystal
Farmland Involved 23 Balloon Tent, Rich Soil, Time Flow Seed, New Land Rations, Suction Bag
Urban Life Record 24 Fortune Dice, Enhanced Paint, Wisemanipedia, Zero-G Bag, Dessert Basket, Purity Vase
Small Wonders 28 Pinwheel, Monster Pot, Pure Incense, Reverse Torque, Mystical Garden
Disaster Theory 28 Talisman Net, Land Clasp, Sealing Amulet, Safety Box, Pocket Watch
Continuum Prophecy 29 Gold Nugget, Time Lithograph, Ultimate Steel, Liquid Solvent, Small Sun
Thermis Astrology 29 Guardian Jewel, Secret Tablet, Healing Bell, Peacemaker
From the New World 35 Wing Quilt, Scale Cloth, Medical Linen, Speed Belt, Goddess Statue
Precious Metal 35 Halmolium, Sunlite, Regentium, Heroic Medal, Promise Band